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Ep 244: The Murder of Bonney Lee Bakely

Robert Blake was a well-known actor from the 1970s who was charged with the murder

Stormy Daniels and The President

In this episode, we explore the civil suits surrounding Stormy Daniels and the role they

Ep 236: The XXXTentacion Murder

In this special listener request episode, we explore the life and murder of rapper XXXTentacion.

The Lawyer (Tom Girardi)

Tom Girardi was known for acquiring huge settlements and victories in high-profile legal cases. But

The Downfall of Bill Cosby

In March 2005, Andrea Constand filed a civil lawsuit against Bill Cosby, who was, at

Ep 233: The Alex Murdaugh Trial (Part 2)

Our second installment of the trial dubbed “South Carolina’s Trial of The Century,” Alex Murdaugh,

Ep 233: The Alex Murdaugh Trial (Part 1)

In a trial dubbed “South Carolina’s Trial of The Century,” Alex Murdaugh, a member of

Ep 230: The Rhoden Family Murders

On April 22, 2016, police in Pike County, Ohio, discovered the bodies of eight family

Sandy Hook Families vs Alex Jones

In 2022, the Sandy Hook families finally took one of their biggest harassers, Alex Jones,

Ep 227: Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez

In July 2020, famous American rapper Megan Thee Stallion was mysteriously shot after attending a

Death By Taser

In 2008, 17-year-old Darryl Turner died after a police officer shot him with a Taser.

Free Speech and the Pennsylvania Cheerleader

In May 2017, a high school cheerleader took to Snapchat to vent about her cheerleading