February 25, 2023

Sandy Hook Families vs Alex Jones

In December 2012, an unspeakable tragedy struck at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Years later, the victims’ families continued to face harassment from conspiracy theorists, who insisted it had all been a hoax. In 2022, the families finally took one of their biggest harassers, Alex Jones, to court.

Edited & Narrated by: Jillian Jalali

Written by: Matt Stroud and Nick Keppler

Researched by: Nicole Gusmerotti

Music in this episode:

Original music, scoring, and editing by: Kory Hilpmann

SoundStripe Audio Credit:
Apex Program: Cody Martin
Down to the Bottom: Ian Kelosky
Humid Blues: Desert Drive
With You Always: Moments
Departure: Alice in Winter
Autumn Wonder: CJ-0
Sabotage: Cody Martin
The Skeptic: CJ-0
Intercept: Cody Martin
The Gavel: JCar
It Comes To This: Moments

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