December 16, 2022

The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau

A 6-year-old boy tragically dies after authorities say he fell over a second floor banister. Then, just two days later, the woman who had been watching him is found hanging from her balcony in the very same house.

After the two tragic deaths at the Spreckles Mansion in Coronado, California, a wrongful death lawsuit is filed, alleging that one of them was murder.

Edited & Narrated by: Jillian Jalali

Written by: Joseph Flatley, Matt Stroud, and Jillian Jalali

Researched by: Nicole Gusmerotti

Music in this episode:

Original music, scoring, and editing by: Kory Hilpmann

SoundStripe Audio Credit:
Tears Like Rain: JCar
The Search: CJ-0
The Way Back: Moments
Lonely Company: Anthony Catacoli
Unworld: Lost Ghosts
Intercept: Cody Martin