February 08, 2021

Ep 144: Home Invasion or Murder from the Inside? (Sandra Melgar)

It’s a case that has been covered and picked apart for years, yet there are still many questions that linger. In December 2012, Houston police responded to a brutal murder scene – Jim Melgar was found dead in his bedroom, while his wife of 32 years, Sandra Melgar, was tied up in a bathroom closet. Sandra told investigators she had suffered a seizure and didn’t know who killed her husband and locked her up. Investigators didn’t believe her, and she was charged and later convicted of his murder.

Is Sandra a cold-blooded killer, or is an innocent person in prison?

Additional Sources & Links:

Season 2 of Missing Pieces Podcast – KHOU in Houston, Texas

Post-Production by: Jon Keur of Wayfare Recording Co.

Researched and written by: Matt Keyser, with additions by Jillian Jalali. Matt is one of the hosts and producers of KHOU’s long form podcast about the case, Season 2 of Missing Pieces.

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