Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Diving deep into the world of true crime, the CourtJunkie podcast covers interesting criminal trials, unsolved crimes and missing persons cases. From the creators of, this podcast exists to raise awareness and understanding of our legal system and the effects of these cases on our society.

Erica Parsons

Episode 5: Erica Parsons – Teen Reported Missing 2 Years After Disappearance

Could a jailhouse conversation be the key to finding out what happened to Erica Parsons? Erica Parsons had been missing from her home in Salisbury, North Carolina for two years before she was finally reported missing to police by her adoptive brother.
Melissa Calusinski

Case Update: Melissa Calusinski – Did Someone Tamper With The Evidence?

I attended day 3 of Melissa Calusinski's evidentiary hearing, where allegations arose that the x-ray evidence may have been tampered with before her trial.
Pravin Varughese

CJ Podcast Episode 4: Questions Surrounding Pravin Varughese’s Death

19-year-old Pravin Varughese was a college student at Southern Illinois University when he was mysteriously found dead in the woods after leaving a party.
Gabriel Johnson

CJ Podcast Episode 3: The Mysterious Disappearance of Gabriel Johnson

This is the story of Gabriel Johnson, an 8-month-old boy who has been missing from Tempe, Arizona since 2009 after being taken by his mother.
Melissa Calusinski

CJ Podcast Episode 2: Melissa Calusinski’s Bombshell Hearings

I went to Melissa Calusinski's recent evidentiary hearings for a new trial and learned some bombshell information that highlights the need for a retrial.
Melissa Calusinski

CJ Podcast Episode 1: Melissa Calusinski – A Shot At Freedom

In the first CourtJunkie podcast, we look into the case of Melissa Calusinski, a 22-year-old daycare worker who was convicted of the murder of a toddler.

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