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Washington Teen Allen Ivanov Kills Ex-Girlfriend and Two Friends

Washington Teen Allen Ivanov Kills Ex-Girlfriend and Two Friends

August 2, 2016

19-year-old Allen Ivanov was so distraught at seeing his ex-girlfriend with other guys, that he walked into a house party earlier this week and shot her and two others to death.

You know, something an absolute coward would do.

It was just after midnight early Sunday morning and the party was in Mukilteo, a small waterfront city in Snohomish County, Washington. Ivanov had broken up with his ex-girlfriend, Anna Bui, two months prior, but as he told investigators, she had been sending him Snapchats showing that she was moving on from their relationship, and he didn’t like it. Ivanov went to the party, sat in his car for a bit, then grabbed the AR-15 he had bought the week prior and crept around to the back of the home. He said he was approached by a male who saw him and he was “scared” so he shot the male. He said after firing the shot his adrenaline kicked in and so he went up the stairs, found Bui, and shot her twice, killing her. He then looked outside and saw another male running up to the house from the front yard. He reached out and shot at him too. He shot two more males from the upstairs balcony before realizing he was out of ammunition.

He walked back to his car, re-loaded the gun so he could go back and shoot some more, decided against it, and then drove away.

A neighbor reportedly took in around 15 people that night, as they fled for their lives from the shooting.

Two hours later, Ivanov was taken into custody about 100 miles away, on Interstate 5 in Lewis County. An “assault-type rifle” was lying next to him on his passenger seat.

Ivanov would later tell detectives that Bui was his “dream girl,” the first girl he had ever kissed, and that he regretted breaking up with her.

Ivanov and Bui were both students at the University of Washington in Bothell, which released a statement Sunday, following the shooting:

“Yesterday was a day of tremendous heartbreak for our community. One of the victims in the fatal shootings in Mukilteo was one of our students, Anna Bui. Our hearts go out to her family and friends for their terrible loss. The suspect who has been arrested is Allen Ivanov, also a UW Bothell student. There’s no doubt some of you know Anna or Allen, or both and will be devastated by this news. I implore you to counter violence with compassion.”

In addition to Bui, Jordan Ebner and Jake Long were also killed. All three were only 19 years old. Another teen, 18-year-old Will Kramer, was shot and is currently recovering in the hospital. He is expected to survive.

I thought about going into detail about who Allen Ivanov was because I do think it’s important to know that these killers can come in all shapes and sizes – and this kid wasn’t someone you would think could be a killer, just by looking at him or by reading his accomplishments. But I’m not going to go any further than saying just that, because I don’t think he deserves that. To be quite honest, none of what he did prior to taking the lives of three people matters. If you want to read more about him, you can check out his LinkedIn, or this Komo News article about him.

I will, however, discuss his cowardly actions.

Ivanov did leave a digital footprint prior to the shooting.

On his Twitter account, he had two tweets and the last one, which was posted at 1:51 AM on Friday, July 29, read, “What’s Ruger gonna think?” Many news outlets take this to mean that he was taking about his gun, which would mean he methodically planned this killing.

Allen Ivanov Twitter

His Instagram is even more mortifying and egotistical. One of his last posts was a photo of a gun with three bullets beside it and the caption, “You can’t run with me.”

Allen Ivanov Instagram

Komo News is reporting that someone from Kentucky told investigators that Ivanov had texted him about committing a mass shooting.

Also from Komo News:

On Monday KOMO News obtained a note that Ivanov’s former attorney says was written by the suspect and given to him by Ivanov’s mother. It contains messages to family and friends, including several that mention “the next life.”

Instead of showing a nice picture of Ivanov, here’s one of him in court, decked out in his new outfit:

Allen Ivanov

A more important question than who Allen Ivanov was, is who were his victims?

Anna Bui was a college student at the University of Washington in Bothell. She and Ivanov had dated for a little over a year, since high school. She spent the summer traveling around Europe, and when she came back, her friend told The Seattle Times that she was happy and felt like she didn’t need Ivanov anymore.

Her last post on Facebook reflected that sentiment:

Anna Bui Facebook

Bui worked as a certified nursing assistant at the Caring Cabin Adult Family Home in Bothell on the weekends.

Jake Long

Jake Long

After graduating high school, Jake Long spent a year at the University of South Florida, but he had reportedly just returned home to be closer to his friends and family.

Long’s mother, Autumn Snider, spoke with the Seattle Times and said that her son was a kind soul and “was always there for people, and very devoted to his siblings.”

Jordan Ebner

Jordan Ebner

Jordan Ebner worked at an auto-detailing shop and was on track to go into aviation for his career. He was a “serious student with a funny side” according to his friends and family who spoke with reporters.

Ivanov appeared briefly in court yesterday and was ordered to be held without bail and to have no contact with the families of the victims. He is expected to be charged later today.

A memorial for the victims has been erected in their old high school parking lot.

Allen Ivanov Victims

If you wish to donate to the families of the victims, I’ve included their GoFundMe links below.

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