Was Princess Diana murdered? British police investigate

August 19, 2013

Princess Diana

Conspiracy theories have been going around for years about Princess Diana’s death, the main theory involving a possible pregnancy the royal family was desperate to hide and a conspiracy to have her killed. The car crash that killed Princess Diana and her friend Dodi al Fayed, as well as the driver, has been investigated numerous times with the same conclusion – the driver was drunk and driving recklessly in an attempt to evade the paparazzi. The driver crashed into a tunnel in Paris, killing everyone in the car.

Scotland Yard recently released a statement, however, that they will be examining new evidence they received, using officers from its specialist crime and operations unit. Below is a quote from CBS News with more info about the new evidence:

It may be the most investigated car cash in history, but police are looking at it again. The reason: a letter from a British soldier’s family claiming that the British Army commando unit was involved in the death. The allegation comes in a letter to the police from the family of a woman involved in a divorce from a soldier, saying he made the claim to the scorned wife.

Whether it’s true or not, it’s still pretty interesting that it’s a credible enough tip worthy of investigating.

The 16th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death is coming up on August 31.

UPDATE: 12/1/13 7:13 PM

According to the Mirror Online, Scotland Yard has closed the investigation into Princess Diana’s death.

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