Video Released of Dan Markel’s Ex-Wife Wendi Adelson Being Told About Dan’s Murder

August 30, 2016

New video has just been released in the Dan Markel case, showing the moment when Wendi Adelson, Markel’s ex-wife, was told about his murder. If you’re not familiar with this case, you might want to check out my prior posts about it HERE.

In the video, Wendi is at the police station in Tallahassee. She seems to be hanging on every word as the officer tells her that her ex-husband was shot and was taken to the hospital and that he’s not expected to survive.

She bursts into tears and starts sobbing into her hands.

She tells the officer that Markel “didn’t treat her very well” and that she’s “so scared” that someone did this thinking that it would be “good somehow.” She then says how her brother, Charlie Adelson, had been joking with her that he had looked into hiring a hitman but that a TV was cheaper and so he had gotten her a TV as a divorce present. She said that just that morning, a TV repair guy had come to her house and that she had repeated her brother’s joke about the TV being cheaper than a hitman.

When the officer asks her if she would ever ask anyone to kill Markel, she replies with, “not in a million years.”

She maintains that her family would “never do something like this.”

Given the fact that Markel was killed by hitmen (allegedly, of course, until it’s proven in court), this interview is eerie, to say the least. If Wendi didn’t have any knowledge of the murder beforehand, it’s interesting to watch her reaction because she immediately brings up her family, as though they are the first suspects that come to her mind.

And if she did have knowledge about the murder beforehand, I have to say that her acting is pretty darn good.

As of this moment, I think I might believe that she didn’t know. I mean, why in the world would she bring up her family to law enforcement if she did? You would think she would just tell police that she doesn’t know who would do this, instead of giving them a lead that would make them focus on her family.

Wendi also reportedly handed over her phone and gave them permission to search her computer.

Another interesting tidbit that came out in this latest release is that Wendi says she was on Dan’s street the very morning he was killed. From The Tallahassee Democrat:

Wendi Adelson drove on Trescott Drive around noon the day Markel was shot. She said she thought the road, which by that time was cordoned off by crime scene tape, was closed because of a downed tree.

She went around and bought a bottle of Bulleit Rye Whiskey from the ABC on Thomasville Road to take to a party later that evening.

Before that, she said she had been working at home after fielding the TV repair man that morning.

I have to admit that it’s a little coincidental that she was in the area after Markel had been shot – was she checking to see if the job had been done?

The Adelson family has maintained their innocence, and only time will tell if there will be additional arrests.

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