Verdict: Mona Nelson GUILTY in murder of Jonathan Foster

August 27, 2013

Jonathan Foster

Mona Nelson has just been found guilty in the first degree capital murder case of 12-year-old Jonathan Foster. You can read my first post about Mona’s trial HERE.

District Judge Jeannine Barr deliberated for a little over a day before finding Mona guilty. Before Mona was taken away from the courtroom, the judge asked if she had anything to say.

“I’m innocent, and an innocent person is going to prison,” She said.

I, of course, don’t buy it. In my opinion, there was a mountain of evidence against her, and there’s absolutely no disputing that she disposed of his body, since that was caught on videotape. Innocent people don’t dispose of bodies.

Mona will now serve life in prison without parole, and although I try my hardest to not be biased, I have to say that I think it’s very much deserved.

Hopefully Jonathan can now rest in peace.

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