Two brothers found dead in Evanston IL tobacco shop basement

July 31, 2013

Evanston Illinois homicides

The bodies of 38-year-old Azim Hakeem and 34-year-old Mobeen Hakeem were found in the basement of their family’s tobacco shop in downtown Evanston, Illinois, late Tuesday night. Both men suffered at least one gunshot wound and both were dead at the scene.

A family member called police a little after 8 PM Tuesday night after she had gone to the shop to find the “Open” sign still lit up, but the lights off and the door padlocked. Firefighters and police broke down the door and found the bodies of the two men in the basement.

Police say there is no indication that the store had been robbed. So who would have wanted to murder these two guys if the motive wasn’t robbery? Also, who would take the time to close up the shop after killing the men?

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the family posted a note to their door this morning:

My brothers were gentle, humble men that did not deserve anything like this. Both were great brothers, sons, nephews, and cousins. We trust that the Evanston Police will find the monsters that brutally killed them, and we thank you all for the love and support.

UPDATE: 12/21/13 4:54 PM

Evanston police made a shocking announcement yesterday that the man they shot and killed this week after a downtown bank robbery is also the man who murdered the Hakeem brothers.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Authorities said Kevin Ross, 29, of Evanston, was shot and killed Monday outside Bennison’s Bakery near Maple Avenue and Davis Street, in a confrontation after the robbery of a nearby bank.

Investigators said today they’ve also connected Ross to the murder of Mobeen and Azim Hakeem, two Evanston brothers shot multiple times inside their family business, Evanston Pipe & Tobacco, 923 Davis Street.

Click on the link below for more info.

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