The mysterious murder of Richard Millsap

August 14, 2013


Richard Millsap, owner of the CrossFit Mosaic Gym in Winter Garden, Florida, was killed on Monday night when a man walked into the gym and shot him in front of eight people. One witness tried to chase after the suspect, but the gunman jumped into a car with someone else and drove off. The suspect is described as a dark-skinned man who was wearing sunglasses.

Richard, a husband and father of two, was apparently very well-liked at his gym. Many people interviewed told reporters that he was very motivational and had inspired many of them to change their lives.

On Wednesday, police released a sketch of the possible suspect:


No word yet on if the police have any leads on suspects, but it seems like this was a very targeted act. It wasn’t a burglary, and it certainly didn’t appear to be random, so chances are it was someone he knows (or perhaps someone who was hired by someone he knows). I bet there will be more breaks in the case soon.

The Mosaic Community Church, which Richard attended (and also named his gym after), has started an online fundraiser for his family. If you know anything about who killed Richard, you are asked to call Winter Garden Police at 407-656-3636.

UPDATE: 8/15 2:24 PM

Well this is strange. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Richard survived a shooting in October 2012, just 10 months prior to his death. As he was driving home from a basketball game, a man pulled up beside his Nissan Maxima and fired off several rounds into the car. According to the police report, one bullet went through his rear passenger window and another bullet struck the right rear door. A third shot hit the rear panel on his car. Richard told police he didn’t have any enemies and that he had no idea who would want to shoot him. No arrests were ever made.

Another interesting development is that in April 2012, Richard was involved in a fight at Gino’s Pizza in downtown Orlando. He was arrested and charged with one misdemeanor battery count and was sentenced to a year probation. Police have not yet said whether either of the above incidences are related to Richard’s death, but either he was a very unlucky guy, or someone was after him.

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