Missing med student Teleka Patrick: Timeline of her disappearance

December 27, 2013

Teleka Patrick

Teleka Patrick has been missing for more than three weeks, and police don’t seem to be any closer to finding out what happened to the missing medical student. You can read my first post about Teleka HERE. Since I wrote my original post about this case, some new info has come up, as well as a more detailed timeline of what happened leading up to her disappearance.

November 28 (Thanksgiving Day)
This is the last time Teleka’s family hears from her. Teleka calls her mother while driving back to Kalamazoo from Chicago.

December 4
While attending a lecture at Western Michigan University School of Medicine, Teleka reportedly takes a phone call that appears to upset her. Teleka’s parents tell M Live that another student in the classroom said that her demeanor changed after taking the call, to the point where she dropped her head in her hands. They aren’t sure who the call was from or what was said.

December 5
7:30 PM – A fellow student gives Teleka a ride to the Radisson Plaza Hotel in downtown Kalamazoo. Teleka reportedly tries to rent a room, but for some unknown reason, is unable to. M Live is reporting that Teleka was unable to get the room because she was trying to pay with cash, but didn’t have enough on her. According to a private investigator the Patrick family has hired, Teleka was stressed and agitated. Below is surveillance video police have released, of Teleka at the hotel front desk:

7:55 PM (approx) – A courtesy driver from the hotel drives Teleka to the Borgess Medical Center where her car is parked, so she can pick up her vehicle. She is dropped off at approximately 8 PM.

10:02 PM – A motorist calls the Indiana State Police to report a car driving recklessly on I-94, heading westbound. The car is Teleka’s gold 1997 Lexus ES300, but it isn’t known whether Teleka was behind the wheel.

10:20 PM – Indiana State Police arrive at the scene of an accident off I-94 in Portage, Indiana, approximately a little less than two hours away from the Borgess Medical Center. The same car that had been reported driving recklessly had crashed into a ditch off I-94. There is no one inside the vehicle, but police find some clothing items as well as Teleka’s wallet with her driver’s license, credit cards, and a small amount of cash.

December 6
Teleka is reported missing to Kalamazoo Police, after she fails to show up to work at the Borgess Medical Center.

December 10
While investigating Teleka’s disappearance, sheriff’s investigators in Kalamazoo find out that Teleka’s car had been impounded in Indiana. Indiana State Police start assisting with the investigation.

December 12
Indiana State Police dogs track Teleka’s scent on the side of the highway where her car had gone into the ditch. Police believe she may have been picked up by another motorist, because the scent stops at the edge of the highway.

December 13
Police search a 1-mile radius from the accident scene on off-road vehicles, looking for Teleka. The search turns up nothing.

December 20
Teleka’s family tells the media that police have seized Teleka’s computers, and are reviewing her emails and cell phone records.

A couple days ago, videos surfaced online that Teleka had posted to her since-deleted Twitter account. The videos were originally uploaded on November 8 and November 10 and appear to be meant for a specific person. In the videos, Teleka is singing into the camera to an apparent love interest.

Teleka’s parents told the Kalamazoo Gazette that to their knowledge, Teleka wasn’t in a romantic relationship and they aren’t sure who she is referencing in the videos.

I’m not going to link the videos here, because I don’t think anything in the videos has any relevance to the investigation, aside from the fact that she was making them for someone she was clearly involved with. Who that someone is remains a mystery, but hopefully the police have already interviewed him.

This case is very perplexing to me. Why was she planning on renting a room that night? She had reportedly left her purse and cell phone at the hospital where she worked earlier that night, so she presumably only had her wallet and her car keys on her. Her car keys have yet to be found, so after the car crashed into the ditch, she left her wallet in the car, and just took her car keys with her to the edge of the highway, where police believe she may have been picked up. If she didn’t have her phone with her, did she hitch a ride with a random unknown person?

It’s difficult to even know where to look, if she did hitch a ride with a random person. Hopefully that person will come forward, and if they don’t, you have to wonder why not.

I’ve driven on I-94 many times, from Michigan to Chicago, and it’s not a deserted highway, even at that time of night. It might not be congested, but I would estimate that cars pass by at least every 30 seconds or so. Someone must have seen something, so getting the word out about Teleka’s disappearance is crucial.

Teleka’s family is offering $15,000 for info that leads to her whereabouts.

Police ask anyone with information to call the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office at (269)383-8748 or contact Silent Observer at (269)343-2100 or www.kalamazoosilentobserver.com.

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