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Teleka Patrick press conference: Teleka behaved erratically before disappearance

January 22, 2014

Teleka Patrick

“We do not know where Teleka Patrick is at this time.”

Those are the words of Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller as he began their press conference this morning about missing doctor, Teleka Patrick. Teleka has been missing since December 5, 2013. You can read my prior posts about Teleka’s disappearance HERE.

The Sheriff held the press conference to give a more precise timeline of what happened the night Teleka disappeared, as well as to clear up rumors and update the public about their ongoing investigation.

Video streaming by Ustream

You can watch the full video above, or read my summary of Sheriff Fuller’s comments below:

  • Teleka moved to Kalamazoo in July 2013 to do a residency in psychiatry. She told school staff members that she had a fiancé there that she wanted to be close to.
  • On December 5, 2013, Teleka worked her regular day shift at Borgess Medical Center. The staff she worked with didn’t report anything unusual about her behavior. She had a conversation with a fellow coworker, in which she said she was going to visit a relative in Chicago that weekend.
  • At approximately 7:30 PM, Teleka sought a ride from a coworker. She said she had lost her wallet and needed some money. The coworker loaned her $100. The coworker told police that the conversation in the car was erratic, and that Teleka was “acting strange.”
  • The coworker dropped Teleka off at the Radisson. Teleka had no luggage or purse, and no ID. She walked into the hotel and was looking around. She then approached the front desk. Her behavior seemed to be erratic, so much so that the front desk employee asked if she was ok. Teleka never asked for a room, but seemed like she wanted one. She said that she didn’t have enough money, nor did she have her ID on her. Teleka then asked for a ride to her car, which was at the Borgess Medical Center. She said she had “things to pick up” at Borgess.
  • The hotel courtesy driver gave her a ride. Once they arrived at the Borgess parking lot, Teleka got out of the van, and started backing away from it, saying “Sorry, I can’t go back with you.” The driver watched her get into her vehicle and drive out of the parking lot.
  • At approximately 10 PM, Indiana State Police received a phone call about a vehicle being driven erratically on I-94. It was speeding up, then slowing down, and passing other vehicles. There was no description of the driver, but the caller said there was only one person in the vehicle. Given the fact that it would take two hours to get from Kalamazoo to this point, police believe that Teleka was the one driving.
  • About 10 minutes later, Indiana State Police received another call about a car in a ditch off I-94 at the 23 mile marker. Indiana State Police went to the scene, along with rescue vehicles. They searched the area around the vehicle, but could not locate anyone. In the vehicle, there was a wallet that contained $7, an ID, and miscellaneous car items. No keys were found. The car had a flat tire.
  • The vehicle was towed away.
  • On December 6, 2013, Teleka didn’t show up to work at the Western Michigan School of Medicine. Staff members were concerned, and reported her missing to police at 6:30 PM. Teleka had told staff members that she was driving a white rental vehicle, as her car was being worked on.
  • This caused a delay in the investigation, because police had been operating under the assumption that Teleka was driving a rental car and not her usual vehicle. They later found out, on December 10, 2013, that Teleka had actually picked up her vehicle on December 3, 2013.
  • Kalamazoo police then found out that Teleka’s car had been impounded on December 5, 2013, and they conducted a more thorough search of the area where Teleka’s car had been in the ditch. They searched motels, rest areas, hospitals, etc.
  • Bloodhounds were brought to the scene, and the bloodhounds tracked Teleka’s scent to the end of the roadway.
  • The FBI has searched by air and ground for any clues.
  • Teleka’s cell phone was left in her locker at work, along with her work ID, smock, and anything else that belonged to the hospital. It was almost as if she felt like she wasn’t coming back.
  • Teleka didn’t take any credit cards with her, and her banking accounts have had no activity since her disappearance.
  • All of Teleka’s social media accounts had been deleted. Police aren’t sure if she did that herself, or if someone else did it.
  • There was delusional behavior leading up to her disappearance. This wasn’t a recent change. She had urgently left wherever she was when she had exhibited this behavior before. In the past, she would only be gone for a day or so. In each prior case, she would check into a hotel, however she had never been gone for this long before.
  • There had never been any missing person reports filed on her in the past.
  • It was apparent that Teleka had possible issues she was managing and was able to hide it from other people convincingly.
  • When Teleka had picked up her vehicle from the shop, the mechanics had told her that her tires were bad and that she needed new ones. Police aren’t sure if that’s why the car went off the road, or if the flat tire on her car had been caused by her going off the road.
  • There has been a lot of talk in the media about a mystery phone call the Wednesday before she went missing. Reports say that she received a phone call while in class and had seemed to be upset by it. Police have found that no one who was in the room when she took the call could substantially say she was distressed from it. They discovered that the call was actually from a family member, saying that they had arrived at a destination. Nothing is important about that phone call.
  • Teleka’s apartment was searched, and nothing unusual was found. Her computers were seized.
  • Marvin Sapp is nothing more than an innocent victim of Teleka’s apparent stalking. He has been thoroughly cooperative with the investigation. He had no choice but to seek the PPO against Teleka in September 2013. Police say he is NOT a suspect.
  • No leads have panned out. Police have received a few tips, but nothing substantial.
  • Teleka was not in Kalamazoo long enough to have many close friends there.
  • As far as Teleka’s social media accounts are concerned, the Sheriff’s office requires proof of authenticity, obtained through search warrants. There has been no activity on any of her accounts since her disappearance. They stressed that they already know about her erratic behavior, but they are now looking for info about where she could possibly be.
  • Police are constantly in hope that if someone knows where Teleka is at, they will contact the Sheriff’s office. Teleka is a very resourceful person. They believe that when she got into car at Borgess, she did so of her own free will, and was headed to her relative’s home in Chicago. They are not sure what happened after her car went into the ditch, but they do know that she did not make it to the relative’s house.
  • Police maintain hope that someone is helping her.
  • The case will keep active, and they will continue working with the FBI and Indiana State Police.
  • Police can’t say about any hospitalizations in the past, but they have been in contact with the hospitals in the area, and there is no info of her showing up to any of those hospitals.
  • Info has been sent out to all areas, hoping someone might recognize her.
  • There was no surveillance video on the highway.
  • There was no correspondence from Marvin Sapp to Teleka. He never met her or KNEW if he met her.
  • Teleka had checked into the Radisson Hotel before, while she was in Kalamazoo for her orientation. She had exhibited the same behavior then, but people knew where she was.
  • There is no diagnosis associated with her mental health.
  • Other people have been infatuated with Marvin Sapp, but didn’t go to the lengths that Teleka did.
  • Teleka was aware of the PPO against her by Marvin Sapp. It was sent by certified mail, and she acknowledged it through the certified mail process.

The Sheriff also had a message for Teleka, which I would like to reiterate if Teleka is alive out there and somehow comes across this blog post:

If, for whatever reason, this is an event that may have just gotten out of hand, please know that all is forgiven and please come forward and let your family know that you are ok.

Hopefully, Teleka is truly ok.

Anyone who has information about Teleka Patrick’s disappearance is asked to call the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office at 269-383-8748 or Indiana State Police at 219-696-6242.

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