Teen suspected of murdering mom, brother arrested in Las Vegas

September 25, 2013

Adrian Navarro

On Monday, I wrote about 16-year-old Adrian Navarro, who was discovered missing after police found the bodies of his mom and brother dead in their Henderson, Nevada home. You can check out that post about what happened HERE.

Today, Adrian was arrested without incident on the Las Vegas strip. He is being charged with the murders of his mother and brother.

Police officers apprehended Adrian at about 10:30 AM, as he was sitting alone at a food court. An unidentified person had recognized him from media reports and called police.

Adrian is being held at the juvenile detention at the Clark County Detention Center in downtown Las Vegas, while he awaits his first court appearance. Police said earlier this week that they would be charging him as an adult.

More news is also coming out about the state of the bodies when they were found. ABC is reporting that Adrian’s mom suffered multiple stab wounds and was found with a butcher knife in her chest. His younger brother had been stabbed once in the chest and was found in the bathtub.

Reports are also saying that Adrian hadn’t been in school at all so far this year, that he was anti-social, and that he wanted to return to Mexico, which is apparently where the family was originally from.

I couldn’t find when his first court date will be, but I’ll post updates as they happen.

UPDATE: 10/1/13 10:21 AM

Adrian appeared in court yesterday, which you can see below. It was a very brief appearance, with his public defender telling the judge that they are waiving their right for a speedy trial, because he needs time to go over everything with the defendant. The judge agreed and so the first preliminary hearing will be on October 30.

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

UPDATE: 11/18/13 8:45 PM

Adrian has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his mother and brother, after appearing in court earlier today.

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