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Trial Underway for Sidney Moorer in Heather Elvis Kidnapping Case

Trial Underway for Sidney Moorer in Heather Elvis Kidnapping Case

June 20, 2016

After what was perhaps one of the quickest jury selections I’ve ever encountered, trial began this afternoon for Sidney Moorer, who has been charged with the kidnapping of 20-year-old Heather Elvis. Moorer and his wife Tammy were originally charged with Heather’s murder, but the murder charges have since been dropped. You can read my prior posts about Heather’s case HERE.

Heather has been missing since December 2013.

Prosecution Opening Statements

Defense Opening Statements

Prosecution Witness #1: Jessica Cooke, 37

  • She worked at Tilted Kilt for about 3 years
  • She was Heather’s direct supervisor
  • Heather was there almost every day, worked there for about a year and a half
  • Heather was a hostess, greeted the customers and took them to the tables
  • Heather was under 21 and could not serve alcohol
  • Sidney was the maintenance man for Tilted Kilt, worked there for about 6 months
  • Sidney would work later at night to do the maintenance work
  • Heather had a fondness for Sidney and they started hanging out and talking at the hostess stand
  • Sidney would come in during the day when he wasn’t working and bring Heather coffee and bagels
  • Heather always had her phone on her, would get in trouble for having her phone at the hostess stand
  • Heather left her phone charging in the office one day and Heather’s phone kept going off. Jessica looked at the phone and saw that it was Sidney texting her. One text talked about how they had sex in the back patio at Tilted Kilt
  • In October, two of the other girls at Tilted Kilt played a prank on her, saying that Sidney’s wife had found out and Heather got really scared and wanted to leave
  • The relationship ended after that
  • During the time of the breakup, Heather was really sad and wasn’t her normal self. She seemed to have true feelings for him
  • Heather came to work with bruises towards the end of October, around the same time Sidney and Heather had broken up
  • Jessica was in charge of ordering uniforms at Tilted Kilt and Heather needed a bigger cup size and a bigger kilt. Heather became concerned that she was pregnant and took a pregnancy test
  • The pregnancy test said “error” on it, meaning that it was inconclusive or that she didn’t urinate on it enough
  • Heather never seemed to lose the weight
  • After the breakup, Sidney stopped working at Tilted Kilt
  • After awhile, Heather started joking around again and acting like herself
  • Jessica tried texting her when Heather didn’t show up for her shift, got no response
  • Someone from Tilted Kilt contacted Sidney the morning after it was discovered that Heather was missing
  • Sidney always drove a white truck while working at Tilted Kilt, never saw him in a black truck
  • During the time of Sidney and Heather’s breakup, Jessica saw a photo on Heather’s phone of Sidney performing oral sex on his wife
  • In the Spring time, Heather slept in her car for a few days due to an argument she had at home. She then stayed with Jessica for a few days
  • Jessica saw that there were 95 missed calls on Heather’s phone from “Crazy Bitch” who was how Heather referred to Tammy Moorer
  • Heather gave Jessica two stories about her bruised eye – one was that she hit herself with her car door and the other was that she had been jumped in a Wal-Mart parking lot and had to stab someone to defend herself
  • A lot of the girls at work were giving Heather a hard time about her relationship with Sidney
Prosecution Witness #2: Jodi Davenport, 27

  • Heather’s former coworker at Tilted Kilt
  • Worked with Heather for about a year and a half
  • She and Heather were friends at work, didn’t hang out much outside work
  • She met Sidney when he would do maintenance work, would come in periodically
  • She saw Sidney come in a few times to bring Heather things, like bagels or coffee
  • Sidney would come see Heather when he wasn’t working
  • No other men would come see Heather at work
  • Towards the end of October, Heather and Sidney’s relationship ended
  • Heather started getting harassing calls at work
  • She saw a photo on Heather’s phone of Sidney and his wife in sexual positions
  • Heather looked “like a ghost” and was paranoid during the breakup
  • Heather came in with a black eye once, had never seen her like that before
  • She doesn’t remember seeing Sidney at the Tilted Kilt after the breakup
  • She noticed Heather was gaining weight, thought Heather was pregnant
  • Heather took a pregnancy test and the test said “error” on it
  • She never saw Heather lose the weight
  • She last saw Heather the Monday before she went missing, hasn’t seen her since
  • Knew Sidney to have a white truck
  • Everyone at Tilted Kilt knew about Sidney and Heather’s relationship, Heather was embarrassed
  • Other girls would taunt Heather about the fact that Sidney was married
  • Heather always had her cell phone on her
Prosecution Witness #3: Megan Bonfert, 25

  • Former coworker of Heather’s at Tilted Kilt
  • Worked there for 3.5 years as a server
  • Knew Sidney as maintenance man at Tilted Kilt
  • Heather and Sidney were involved in a sexual relationship
  • Sidney used to come see Heather when he wasn’t working
  • She was friends with Heather, they talked all the time about what was going on in their lives
  • Heather was not seeing any other guys
  • When Heather and Sidney’s relationship ended, she got a lot of nasty text messages and became very fearful. She “wasn’t Heather”
  • One text message contained a sexual picture of Sidney smiling in between his wife’s legs
  • This was around the time the relationship ended
  • Heather mentioned that she couldn’t fit in her jeans and had gone up a few bra sizes
  • She asked Heather if she was pregnant
  • She heard Heather had taken a pregnancy test and it came up with an “error” message
  • Towards December, Heather was talking about getting a new job, was seeing other people
  • Sidney stopped working at Tilted Kilt
  • She last saw Heather on December 10 at the Christmas party, hasn’t seen her since
  • When Heather didn’t show up to work, she knew something was wrong
  • She saw Sidney drive a white truck with a logo on the side, never saw him in a black truck
  • Heather used to date a guy named Jeremy when she first started working at Tilted Kilt
  • When Heather was dating Sidney, she was not in a relationship with Jeremy. That had ended and Heather had moved on
  • Heather never talked about any other guys while dating Sidney
  • Heather was fearful around time of breakup after receiving calls from Tammy Moorer
  • Heather came in with bruises after relationship with Sidney ended
  • Heather received 95 missed calls from “Crazy Bitch” which she understood was Sidney’s wife Tammy
  • Heather told her she was jumped and had to defend herself with a knife
  • Heather had frequently gone to Peachtree Landing with her sister
  • One of the girls at work had written, “Hey ladies, please stop F’ing the maintenance man. He’s married” on the chalkboard

A good Twitter account to follow for this trial is @abbeyobrien.

I’ll continue posting about this trial as it continues.

Heather Elvis

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