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Sidney Moorer Trial Day 2:

Sidney Moorer Trial Day 2: Surveillance video and another pregnancy test

June 21, 2016

Day 2 of the Sidney Moorer trial turned out to be a pretty good day for the Prosecution, at least in my opinion. We heard from Stefano Schiraldi, the guy Heather went on a first date with the night she disappeared. Stefano comes off as a very nice guy and handled cross examination well – even though the Defense was trying to cast suspicion on him, I don’t think it worked.

We also found out that Sidney lied to police about having called Heather from the pay phone that night, only to later admit that he did. We also saw surveillance video of Sidney at Wal-Mart purchasing a pregnancy test, about 20 minutes prior to calling Heather from the pay phone.

Pretty suspicious if you ask me. But was it enough? And was Heather really pregnant? Even if she only thought she was, that’s still a pretty good motive for murder.

Testimony from Day 2 of the trial is re-capped below.

Prosecution Witness #4: Stefano Schiraldi

  • Used to live in Horry County, now lives in Chicago
  • Went to high school with Heather Elvis, graduated in 2010
  • Used to work at an upscale seafood restaurant called Wicked Tuna
  • He went on a first date with Heather on Dec 17, 2013
  • They followed each other on Instagram after high school
  • He commented on her Instagram and 3 or 4 days later they went on a first date
  • He picked her up from her apartment near River Oaks golf course around 7 PM the night Heather went missing
  • He drives a small truck
  • They went to dinner, neither had any alcohol
  • Heather was friendly and happy on their date
  • They stayed at the Bandito restaurant for about an hour and a half, then drove around talking
  • He taught her how to drive stick shift in an empty parking lot in front of a mall
  • He took a photo of Heather driving his truck that night
  • After driving around, they went back to his mom’s house and watched a movie
  • He dropped her off and briefly went into her apartment, which he said was a typical apartment. Didn’t see anything unusual
  • Went home after dropping Heather off
  • Once he got back home he sent her a text and they briefly texted back and forth about 5 times
  • He didn’t leave his moms house until 9:30 the next morning
  • He called Heather twice after he got off work and didn’t hear back so he sent her a message on FB. They had made plans to hang out after he got off work
  • He thought maybe her phone was dead, he assumed she was busy and would get back to him
  • Later that night, Heather’s roommate told him Heather was missing
  • No communication with Heather since
  • They had plans to meet up the next day
  • Has never driven a black F150
  • To his knowledge he is the last person to see Heather
  • In high school he had no interaction with Heather, but knew who she was
  • Heather gave him a quick tour of her apartment when he dropped her off, they kissed outside
Prosecution Witness #5: Casey Guskiewicz

  • Worked for the Horry County Police Dept in December 2013 as a patrol officer
  • Was working early morning hours of Dec 18
  • Went to Peachtree Landing that shift as part of his patrol
  • Went by both landings in the area
  • Peachtree Landing is located at the end of Peachtree Road – He observed an abandoned vehicle, a dark color Dodge parked awkwardly at around 4 AM
  • The car was not in a parking spot; it was just beyond the stop sign facing the water
  • The car doors were locked and windows were up
  • He did not call it in or do an incident report, It’s not uncommon for people to leave cars at boat landings overnight
Prosecution Witness #6: Danny Furr

  • Works at the Horry County Police Dept, been there 17 years
  • Currently a patrol sergeant, was corporal on patrol in December 2013
  • Talked to Sidney Moorer in December 2013 in reference to attempting to locate Heather Elvis
  • After receiving the missing persons call, he spoke with a manager at Tilted Kilt and the manager gave him Sidney’s number, told him Sidney and Heather had a relationship and Sidney might know where she is
  • Did not know who Sidney was prior to going to Tilted Kilt
  • The manager only gave Sidney’s number, no one else’s
  • Furr called Sidney, identified himself as an officer. There was a pause, so he said “hello?”
  • He said he was calling in reference to Heather Elvis and told him she was missing and needed his help
  • Sidney said he had not spoken with her in at least 6 weeks
  • Sidney then said he talked to her the night before, but only to tell her to stop contacting him
  • Due to the inconsistencies in those statement, Furr told Sidney that another officer would be coming to talk to him in person.
  • Sidney said Heather had been contacting him repeatedly and he spoke to her to tell her to stop contacting him. He said he talked to her only once.
  • Furr contacted his subordinate and directed him to go to Sidney’s house to speak to him in person, gave him Sidney’s number
  • No one ever indicated to Furr that Heather may have run off
  • CROSS: Initial report made by Det Canterbury that Furr signed off on states that Sidney said in the phone call that he last SAW Heather six weeks ago but that he talked to her the night before
  • CROSS: Also in the report – Jeremy Fleming was part of the investigation and it was discovered that Jeremy had allegedly abused Heather while in a relationship with her.
  • REDIRECT: Sidney told Furr that he had not spoken to Heather Elvis in six weeks
  • REDIRECT: The Tilted Kilt manager told investigators that Sidney and Tammy had an altercation with Heather in the parking lot
  • RE-CROSS: Detective Canterbury had received info from Heather’s father to check out Jeremy Fleming due to abuse
Prosecution Witness #7: Kenneth Canterbury

  • Works for the Horry County Police Department, worked there for 6 years
  • He is a Lance Corporal in the Street Crimes Division, was a patrol officer in December 2013
  • On Dec 19 a call came in for a suspicious vehicle at the boat landing. He responded after night fall
  • He saw a darker color Dodge Intrepid parked off to the side, appeared to be operational. No damage noted
  • All doors were locked
  • He looked around the landing, ran the registration tag, came back as registered to Terry Elvis
  • He did not see anything suspicious, no one else was there at that time
  • He went to Terry Elvis’ house after running the tags, he knew Terry prior
  • He learned from Terry that Heather Elvis normally drove the car
  • He asked Terry if Terry would allow the police inside the vehicle. They went to the boat landing and looked around for clothing or a purse. Nothing found.
  • He unlocked the car and put on gloves. He found Heather’s drivers license in the car. No purse, keys or cell phone were inside the car
  • Terry Elvis drove the car back to his house, he wore gloves while doing so
  • Canterbury spoke with Heather’s roommate Bri
  • He went to Sidney Moorer’s house after midnight that night after finding Heather’s car
  • Sidney met him at the end of the driveway
  • He and two other officers were present during the interview
  • He wore a body mic while talking to Sidney and his car cam was recording also
  • Prosecutors played the video recording in court. It was difficult to hear at time but this is what I heard:
    • “I don’t know why y’all are here” – Sidney
    • Sidney says he talked to Heather either last night or the night before
    • “There is no relationship. There WAS a relationship.” – Sidney
    • Sidney can be heard saying he broke it off.
    • Officer tells Sidney that there are over 360 texts going back and forth between his cell phone and Heather’s in the last 30 days
    • “My wife is the only person who has my phone” – Sidney
    • “My wife took my phone” – Sidney
    • “I talked to her, she called me either last night or night before, can’t remember.” – Sidney
    • Sidney says Heather is dating someone at Tilted Kilt, one of the “beer guys”
    • Sidney denies going to the boat dock
  • Back on Direct, Canterbury says Sidney handed him his cell phone showing that Heather had called him. He never said he called Heather and never said anything about a pay phone
  • At some point in the investigation, Canterbury received info that someone had abused Heather in the past, but no info that she had spoken to that person recently
  • CROSS: In his report, Canterbury says Sidney told him he had called Heather to tell her to stop calling him
  • CROSS: Terry Elvis told him that “If she hides, he will find her” about Jeremy Fleming
  • CROSS: Terry Elvis had told Canterbury that Sidney and Heather exchanged 360 texts in 30 days but Canterbury did not verify that, info only came from Terry Elvis
  • REDIRECT: Sidney said Heather had contacted him, he never said he contacted Heather.
  • Canterbury did not know Sidney had called Heather from a pay phone when he wrote in the report that Sidney was not a suspect
Prosecution Witness #8: Jill Domogauer

  • Has worked for the Horry County PD since June 2008
  • She is a Crime Scene Investigator
  • Jill and her Lieutenant responded to Terry Elvis’ home on December 20, 2013 to look at Heather Elvis’ vehicle
  • There was no damage to the vehicle
  • She searched Peachtree Landing where the car was found. There was no sign of Heather Elvis or any of her belongings
  • She then went to Heather’s apartment
  • She searched every room in the apartment, did not find phone, car keys or any illegal drugs
  • The front door to Heather’s place was closed and unlocked
  • The balcony door was locked
  • Nothing was damaged or out of place, no signs of a struggle
  • She went to Sidney Moorer’s apartment on February 21, 2014
  • Sidney’s phone was entered into evidence
  • Surveillance tape was entered into evidence
  • A notebook from Sidney’s Ford F-150 was entered into evidence
  • CROSS: Terry Elvis would not allow investigators to remove the vehicle from his property, therfore they could not perform certain forensic testing on it
  • CROSS: No forensic evidence of value was taken from Sidney’s truck
  • CROSS: Heather’s apartment wasn’t forensically investigated.
Prosecution Witness #9: Jonathan Lee Martin

  • Has worked for the Horry County PD for 10 years, currently Sergeant of Robbery and Homicide Division
  • In Dec 2013, he was a Detective in the Violent Crimes section
  • Assisted in Heather Elvis case
  • Assisted in search warrants and phone records
  • Obtained Heather Elvis’ phone records
  • Prosecutors entered cell phone records into evidence
  • Heather got a phone call at 1:35 AM on Dec. 18 from a pay phone at Seaboard St and 10th Ave. The call lasted just under 5 mins
  • Heather called her roommate Bri after that, talked for a little over 2 mins
  • The next call was at 2:29 AM, an outgoing call to the pay phone
  • 8 additional calls were placed to the pay phone – very short calls indicating a conversation did not happen (called pay phone total of 9 times)
  • Heather called Sidney’s cell phone at 3:16 AM, but the call only lasted about 6 seconds (did not reach him)
  • At 3:17 AM she calls Sidney’s cell phone again, this time the call lasts for over 4 minutes.
  • At 3:38 AM she calls Sidney’s cell phone, 20 seconds later she calls his phone again. 46 seconds after that, she calls his phone again. Her last call was at 3:41 AM to Sidney’s cell phone
  • End of Heather’s phone records, no other calls made after this
  • Martin discovered later that Sidney Moorer made the call from the pay phone. Sidney told him initially that Heather had called him but that he never called her. When asked if he made a call from a pay phone, Sidney said no. Martin told Sidney they were working on video surveillance and Sidney admitted he had made the call.
  • Talked to Sidney December 20 2013
  • CROSS: Sidney came down voluntarily to give a statement. Martin and the lead detective interviewed him and recorded it.
  • Sidney said he had called Heather that night to tell her to stop harassing him. He said Heather had placed some notes on his vehicle which was causing problems with his wife.
Prosecution Witness #10: Amelia Bethea

  • Works at SLED, which assists neighboring counties in their investigations
  • She’s a Lieutenant in the PD region working criminal investigations
  • She assisted Horry County PD in this case
  • They had info that Sidney had gone to Walmart on Seaboard in Myrtle Beach the night Heather went missing and they requested surveillance footage from December 18, 2013
  • On the video, she observed Sidney driving into the parking lot and going into Walmart
  • The video shows Sidney in his black F-150 drive into a handicapped spot, park, walk into the store, obtain an item from the shelf and check out.
  • The receipt shows he purchased a pregnancy test and a cigar and paid cash (Amelia obtained the footage and the receipt) at 1:19 AM.
  • Surveillance video shown in court
Prosecution Witness #11: Amanda Nigro

  • Currently works at Frontier Communications in Legal Compliance (responds to legal demands)
  • Involved in pay phones in 2013
  • She confirmed that Heather’s number was called from the pay phone on Seaboard Street
Prosecution Witness #12: Brian Wilson

  • Has worked at Horry County PD for over ten years
  • He was a Detective assigned to the Major Crimes section in 2013
  • He obtained surveillance video by the pay phone on Seaboard St
  • Saw headlights and saw someone walk up to pay phone
  • Plays video in court
Prosecution Witness #13: Joyce Aland

  • She is a neighbor of the Moorer’s
  • She has a surveillance system, put it in Sept 2013
  • She turned over footage to Police Dept
  • A friend of hers posted about the case on Facebook and she noticed the suspect lived by her. She contacted the police dept and let them know she has a surveillance system that captured footage on 12/17
  • There are two camera views – on the front porch and another one toward the Landing
  • Video played in court – shows a vehicle going past the house, towards Peachtree then going back
Prosecution Witness #14: David Quandt

  • Lives off Peachtree Road in Socastee, has a business near Peachtree Landing
  • He noticed a car in front of his business and it was a Detective looking for surveillance video
  • He gave footage to Police Department
  • Camera has 5 camera views
  • At 3:39 AM, a vehicle drove by, heading towards Peachtree Road
  • Car drives in the other direction at 3:46 AM
  • Video is played in court
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