Police release CCTV footage in Taliyah Marsman case

July 13, 2016

Taliyah Marsman

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Police are still actively searching for 5-year-old Taliyah Marsman, who’s been missing from Calgary, Canada, since Monday. Police discovered the body of her mother, Sara Baillie, in their home after receiving concerned calls from relatives. You can read my first post about this case HERE.

Today, police held a press conference and released CCTV footage of Baillie and Taliyah at a local Dairy Queen on Sunday at 5:30 PM, the day before Baillie’s body was found.

You can watch the press conference below.

While at Dairy Queen, Baillie can be seen talking to a family consisting of a man, woman, and young son. Baillie spoke with them as though she knew them and police want to now talk to the family, saying they may be the last people who saw her alive.

Police also said they received a tip that a girl matching Taliyah’s description was seen with a “stocky black male” on Monday at 11:30 AM, near where Baillie’s vehicle was found. They were potentially walking away from the vehicle, but police have been unable to confirm that the sighting was Taliyah. In this sighting, the little girl was wearing red or pink polka dot boots and had a reddish colored suitcase.

An autopsy has been performed on Baillie’s body, but police have not yet released a cause of death.

If you see Taliyah, police are asking that you call 911, so they can act immediately. And please help spread the word.

UPDATE: 7/14/16 7:57 AM

CBC News is reporting that police have a man in custody who may be involved in Taliyah’s disappearance. He is currently being questioned.

Calgary police said early Thursday that the man, whose name has not been released, was taken into custody at about 10:30 p.m. MT Wednesday.

Police said they are searching a rural area near Chestermere, east of Calgary, based on new information.

Police also released images of the man’s dark grey sedan that was seen in the Panorama Hills area around the time Taliyah was last seen.

Taliyah Marsman

Investigators are expected to provide updates in the case later today.

UPDATE: 7/14/16 4:55 PM CST

Below is video from the press conference from earlier this afternoon:

Some highlights from the press conference:

  • Police are searching an area east of Calgary
  • Confirmed they took a man into custody at 10:30 PM last night
  • New info was obtained and as a result they are searching a rural area for evidence in relation to this case. The man in custody had been in that area
  • Police obtained surveillance video of a dark grey sedan in the area around the time witnesses believe Taliyah was last seen
  • The man in custody is believed to have been driving the sedan and may be connected to Taliyah’s disappearance
  • The grey sedan was seen in the area where Sara Baillie’s car was found
  • Search crews have not yet found anything significant relating to the case
  • Between 50 and 75 people are part of the search crews
  • Police believe the man in custody and Taliyah were seen exiting Sara Baillie’s car and going into the grey sedan
  • Police have possession of the grey sedan
  • The suspect is known to the family, but is not related to them. He is in his mid-30s or early 40s
  • The suspect is not cooperating at all with investigators
  • The suspect must be charged with something tonight or else they are required by law to release him
  • Investigators are working so much on this case that some of them needed to be told to go home
  • The suspect is known to police, has an extensive criminal history, including violence

I’ll continue updating.

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