New surveillance video in missing Michelle Parker case, police say 2 people involved

November 19, 2013

Two years after her disappearance, Orlando police are releasing surveillance video of what they believe to be someone driving Michelle Parker’s Hummer down the street the night she vanished.

Michelle was last seen at 3:30 PM on November 17, 2011, when she dropped off her two young children at their father’s home in Orlando.

Dale Smith, the father of the children and Michelle’s ex-fiance, has always been a suspect, but has never been arrested in the case. Michelle and Dale appeared on an episode of The People’s Court, in which they argued over an engagement ring. In the episode, which aired on the day of her disappearance, Michelle told the judge that Dale can “get pretty malicious and vindictive.”

In the newly-released surveillance video, which you can watch in the video above, Michelle’s Hummer is stopped at a stoplight at approximately 8:55 PM after she was last seen. Her car was found abandoned about a mile from this intersection, the decals that Michelle had on it removed. Her iPhone was later found under a bridge.

In the press conference, Sergeant Jim Young from the Orlando Police Department said they believe that there are two people involved in Michelle’s disappearance.

Michelle’s mom, Yvonne Stewart, also spoke at the press conference, and she urged Dale’s mother to call Crimeline and tell what she knows.


The timeline of the night Michelle disappeared has never really been set in stone, but below is an approximate timeline I put together.

November 17, 2011

2 PM
The People’s Court episode airs, featuring Michelle and Dale.

3:15 PM
The last time Michelle speaks via text message to her current boyfriend, Nate.

3:20 PM
Surveillance video shows that Michelle arrives at Dale’s home to drop off her two young children.

3:30 PM
Michelle’s other son (from a separate relationship) returns home from school, and finds that his mother is not yet home.

4 PM
Dale reportedly says that this is the last time he saw Michelle, even though surveillance video shows that Michelle actually arrived at his home earlier.

4:26 PM
Michelle’s brother receives a text from her in response to a text he sent her, asking where she was. The text simply read, “Waterford.” According to her family, Michelle doesn’t usually respond with one-word answers, leading to speculation that Michelle was not the person who sent the text.

8 PM
Michelle is reported missing after she fails to show up for her shift at work.

8:08 PM
Michelle’s cell phone powers off for the last time.

11:08 PM
Dale leaves the below status on his Facebook page:

“Oh man, oh man, (expletive)! Michelle, the mother of my kids is missing, her mother called me said she never showed up to work after dropping the kids off with me. The police just came by and searched my whole house, this isn’t good. My kids need their mother.”

Midnight (approx)
Michelle’s Hummer is found abandoned at an apartment complex about a mile from the intersection on the new surveillance video. The decals had been removed from Michelle’s car windows.

So why would police release this surveillance video now, two years after she disappeared? Could they be trying to rattle someone?

Although Dale has never been charged, Michelle’s mom has filed a wrongful death suit against him.

Hopefully, there will be even more movement on this case soon.

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