New info in missing Kelly Dwyer case; search warrants unsealed

January 21, 2014

Kelly Dwyer

Newly unsealed search warrants have shed light on what may have happened the night 27-year-old Kelly Dwyer disappeared from Milwaukee. You can read my prior post about Kelly’s disappearance HERE.

Kelly’s boyfriend, 39-year-old Kris Zocco, is currently out on bail while waiting to go to trial on drug and child pornography charges, both which came about after police searched his apartment while investigating Kelly’s disappearance.

Now, the affidavit for the search warrant that led to the search of Zocco’s apartment has been released, and it details Zocco’s account of what happened the last time he saw Kelly. The warrant also acknowledges that police were looking for evidence of a homicide and hiding a corpse, which clearly means they believe that Kelly is deceased and not just “missing.”

Zocco is the last known person to have seen Kelly alive.


According to the warrant, below is the timeline of events Zocco gave to police, along with what police say surveillance video from his apartment building shows.

October 10, 2013

10 PM Kelly came over to his apartment to “party,” which typically included drugs, drinking, and sex. She allegedly then called a drug dealer named Tone to see if she could score an eight ball. They walked to an ATM to take out money, and then drove to Tone’s house to pick up the drugs. They returned to Zocco’s home to do lines of cocaine, smoke marijuana, and drink vodka, before heading out to a bar.

*Note: Zocco told police that Kelly had changed into a dress before going out, but surveillance video allegedly shows her leaving the apartment wearing the same clothing she originally arrived in.

October 11, 2013

9 AM Kelly and Zocco woke up, and Kelly told him that she was going to leave. He said he heard the door click as she left.

*Note: Surveillance video doesn’t show Kelly ever exiting the building.

6:35 PM Zocco left to go to his parents house.

8:45 PM Zocco told police that he returned from his parents’ home.

*Note: Surveillance video does not show him returning at 8:45 PM like he claimed. According to the surveillance video, he actually returned home at 2:15 PM the following day.

The warrants say police found women’s underwear in the apartment, as well as a Glock pistol, a rifle, and ammunition.

In the bathroom, police officers noted that the shower curtain was missing, and looked like it had been ripped off of the hooks.

The warrant also shows that police called in a cadaver K-9 to search the apartment for the scent of human remains. The dog apparently hit on the building’s first floor trash room, as well as on a shovel in the trash room. The dog also detected the scent of human remains in the building’s parking structure at parking stall 213, which is eight spaces away from Zocco’s parking spot.

The dog was then brought up to Zocco’s apartment, where it hit on the exterior of Zocco’s apartment door, and smelled the odor of human remains on the floor’s trash chute.

Zocco has not been charged in Kelly’s disappearance and is currently out on bail for his drug and child pornography charges. He is due back in court next week.

Meanwhile, Kelly is still missing, and since surveillance video shows that Zocco was gone from his apartment from 6:35 PM until 2:15 PM the following day, if he WAS involved in her disappearance, he could have done anything with her body in that time frame.

I’ll post updates below.

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