The mysterious disappearance of Brian Chris Sexton

The mysterious disappearance of Brian Chris Sexton



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Someone knows what happened to 23-year-old Brian Chris Sexton, and that someone isn’t telling.

From the Missing Brian Chris Sexton Facebook Page:

Chris was last seen on Monday, Oct. 14, 2013, at approximately 10:15 p.m., in the woods at a very secluded but well known local hang out/ party location in the vicinity of the power lines near Joyce Road, Scott Depot, WV. A group had gathered there and had been partying throughout the night and into the early morning. Putnam County Sheriff’s deputies say they know Sexton got into some sort of altercation during the party. Dogs were able to track his scent to a gate near the Save-a-Lot along U.S. Route 33 in Scott Depot. His shirt was also found in the area, but, from there, no one knows what happened, or if they do, they are not coming clean.

Chris was wearing a light grey button up shirt, dark blue/black slender fit jeans and white Adidas sneakers. Chris’s shirt was recovered in a field behind the Save a Lot grocery store along Route 33 in Scott Depot, not far from the party location. His jacket, cell phone and favorite knife were found at the party location/ hang out. Chris’s suede jacket, which he considered a prized possession, was found burned. We need answers…

Chris’ family definitely needs answers.

Below is a map of the area. The place where the party was held (1) is approximate, since I’m not sure of the exact address. The second marker (2) is where Chris’ shirt was found, as well as the area where his scent was last tracked. You can see that this is a heavily wooded area.

When dogs track a scent to an area and then lose it, that could mean that he was then transported by vehicle somewhere. If he left his favorite jacket, his cell phone, and his knife at the party, it seems unlikely to me that he would have left without the intention of returning for his things.

There’s little doubt that no one knows what happened to Chris that night, and it’s time for anyone who knows anything to speak up. The fact that police are saying he was involved in an altercation at the party is very telling. Was there a fist fight that got out of hand?

If you have any info about Chris’ whereabouts, please immediately contact 911 or the
Putnam County Sheriff’s Department at (304)586-0214. Anonymous tips can be left by clicking HERE.

UPDATE: 12/3/13 10:40 PM

Chris’ loved ones are looking for volunteers to participate in a balloon release on Saturday, December 7. Please see the flyer below for details and please consider volunteering your time if you’re in the area.


UPDATE: 12/7/13 8:08 AM

Sadly, Chris’ body has been found. A hunter found him at about 3 PM Friday afternoon in the woods off of Interstate 64 in Scott Depot.

An autopsy will be performed on Monday, and although authorities believe the body is his, it will be officially confirmed then. Police say they do not suspect foul play “at this time.” I’m sure we’ll know more after the autopsy.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris’ loved ones.

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Sorry I have not gotten back to give an update. Chris was found deceased Dec 6th. :( </3 

Deputies Believe Body Of Missing Putnam Man Has Been Found Reported by: Elizabeth Noreika Also contributing: Heath Harrison Reported: Dec. 6, 2013 8:51 PM EST Updated: Dec. 6, 2013 10:57 PM EST

Hunter Finds Body Believed to be Missing Putnam County Man  By: WSAZ News Staff Updated: Fri 10:11 PM, Dec 06, 2013

Hunter finds body in Putnam County By MetroNews Staff in News | December 06, 2013 at 10:47PM


i am not trying to stir anything up and i hope everything is ok with him and he is safe from harms way but if he hasn't showed up by now i would seek help in another direction and police departments uses them as well "mediums" .

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@loveoflife Any suggestion is a good suggestion! You never know what might help. :)

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@findchrissexton No problem, anything I can do to get the word out. This young man needs to come home to his family. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do and I'm happy to help.


@CourtJunkie @findchrissextonGoing to be reporting the blurb PUTNAM COUNTY SHERIFF's DEPARTMENT 304-586-0214 OR THEIR ANON TIP LINE AT 304-586-0263
Detective Shawn Johnson
CASE NUMBER 130017642
NCIC # M291679590
FBI - Huntington Office of the FBI Agent Jeff Long
Multiple ways to give ANON TIPS
ANON TIP LINE (non law enforcement) TEXT OR CALL 304-767-4364