Murder or suicide? Investigation re-opened in Ashley Fallis case

April 14, 2014

Ashley Fallis

Ashley Fallis was 28 years old when she was found dead on New Year’s Day in 2012 in her home in Evans, Colorado. Her death was ruled a suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but her family has always maintained that she was murdered.

Now, authorities have announced that the case will be re-opened, after new evidence has come to light that just might point to Ashley’s husband Tom as the killer.

Ashley’s family, along with their attorney, held a news conference last week, saying that they want murder charges brought ASAP. They believe that Tom, who was a local law enforcement officer at the time, killed Ashley and then got a fellow police detective to help him cover it up.

On the night of Ashley’s death, a neighbor claimed he overheard Tom Fallis say that he shot Ashley. The neighbor says he told a police detective, Detective Michael Yates, the following day but the claims never made it into Detective Yates’ police report.

Also omitted from the police report were statements that Ashley’s 6-year-old daughter allegedly made to police, including “I saw daddy getting the gun ready” and “I saw daddy shoot mommy.”

Ashley’s family believes that Detective Yates purposely omitted the statements to aid in the cover-up of Ashley’s murder.

“We know in our hearts that my sister was killed by Tom Fallis,” Ashley’s brother told reporters.

Meanwhile, Tom Fallis has reportedly maintained his innocence. He now lives in Indiana with the couple’s three young children.

The Loveland and Fort Collins police departments are now handling the death investigation, as well as the allegations of the cover-up.

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