Who murdered Dr. Teresa Sievers?

July 16, 2015

Teresa Sievers

The murder of a beloved doctor from Bonita Springs, Florida, is baffling an entire community and everyone that knew her. On June 29, 2015, the body of 46-year-old Dr. Teresa Sievers was found in her home, having been murdered by an unknown assailant.

That weekend, Dr. Sievers had been on vacation in Connecticut with her husband and two children. She left her family on Sunday to return home early so she could see her patients the next morning. She called her husband, Mark Sievers, when she landed to let him know she had arrived safely.

The next morning, her staff at the Restorative Health and Healing Center became concerned when she didn’t show up for her first scheduled appointment, and called police. Her body was found in her home shortly after.

Police have been extremely tight-lipped about what happened to Dr. Sievers. Neighbors told reporters that a hammer was allegedly used in the crime. Another neighbor said they heard a man yelling in the middle of the night and yet another said she heard shrill screams early Monday morning.

Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott did give an interview to reporters and said that the murder was not a “random or arbitrary” crime.

Dr. Sievers, dubbed “Mother Teresa” by friends and neighbors, was board certified in internal medicine and held a medical master of science degree in metabolic & nutritional medicine.

She leaves behind her husband and two daughters, who are 8 and 11 years old.

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