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The Missy Bevers Case: What We Know - CourtJunkie

The Missy Bevers Case: What We Know

May 24, 2016

Missy Bevers

Ever since seeing the haunting surveillance video of the suspected murderer in the Missy Bevers case, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head – and I know I’m not alone.

If you’ve never heard of Missy Bevers or have no idea what I’m referring to, let me re-cap what happened: 45-year-old Terri “Missy” Bevers, a fitness instructor and mother of three, was found murdered on April 18, 2016 inside the Creekside Church in Midlothian, Texas, where she was scheduled to teach a class early that morning.

Later that day, The Midlothian Police Department released surveillance video from the Church that showed Missy’s killer, dressed in police tactical gear, walking through the halls of the Church, opening doors and breaking glass, prior to Missy’s arrival.

Initial reports suggested that Missy may have interrupted a burglary in progress at the Church and had been killed as a result. But as time went on, police revealed that they were working on a theory that seemed to match everyone else’s who was following the case – Missy had been targeted.

Here’s the timeline:

April 18, 2016

Time unknown – The suspect arrives at the Church and forces his way inside.

3:50 AM – The suspect is first seen on surveillance video.

4:16 AM – Missy is seen on surveillance video arriving in the parking lot and entering the Church building.

5 AM – The first 911 calls come in from Missy’s students who had arrived at the Church, reporting that Missy was unresponsive. Officers and EMS arrived on the scene and discovered a “lot of broken glass on the floor.”

The day prior to the murder, Missy had posted on her Facebook page that she was going to be hosting the class the next morning at 5 AM, rain or shine. It happened to be raining that morning, meaning that she would have hosted the class indoors.

On April 20, Missy’s husband, Brandon Bevers, gave a statement to reporters in which he talks about how proud he was of Missy, and implores people to watch the surveillance video:

Leads and Warrants

In a press conference held last week, Midlothian Assistant Chief Kevin Johnson told reporters that despite social media rumors, no one in Missy’s family, friends, or co-workers are considered suspects. He said that Missy’s husband and father-in-law specifically had been very forthcoming and cooperative in the investigation. Both men supplied alibis that had been verified by police. Johnson also said that any names that had been released in any search warrants were also not considered suspects at this time.

That last part is particularly important, because in search warrants that were made public a few weeks ago, authorities had requested access to certain “targets'” cell phone records. The “targets” list included people who were close to Missy at the time of her murder. The warrants also revealed that Missy had been communicating with a man on LinkedIn during the months leading up to her death and that the communication “ultimately turned flirtatious and familiar.” The warrants requested access to the man’s LinkedIn account.

Also of interest in the warrants was the fact that a friend of Missy’s had told police that less than three days before her murder, Missy had received a “creepy” LinkedIn message from a man unknown to both of them.

Yet another warrant was for a local dry cleaners, claiming that Missy’s father-in-law had dropped off a woman’s shirt with blood on it a couple days after the murder. When asked by reporters, Randy Bevers, Missy’s father-in-law, said that the blood was animal blood, resulting from a dogfight. Police have said they are still waiting on tests from the blood sample to be returned, but reporters spoke with the veterinarian who catered to the now-deceased dog, and confirmed Randy’s story.

No word yet on if anything useful to the investigation will come out of any of these warrants. However, Johnson also released a photograph last week of a 2010-2012 silver or light color Nissan Altima with an oval sticker on its bumper that was captured on surveillance video from a nearby business, the morning of the murder. Johnson stressed that the vehicle was on camera at around 2 AM, well before the murder had taken place.

From Crimesider:

“The last remaining lead involves a car that pulls into the SWFA Sporting Goods parking lot at approximately 2 a.m. They’re seen pulling into the parking lot and leaving just a few minutes later,” Johnson said.”

White Car Sought in Missy Bevers' Case

They do not necessarily believe the driver is a suspect in Missy’s murder, but they want to know if the driver saw anything unusual during that time period.

So far, the driver has not yet come forward.

A hot line has been set up for any tips relating to Missy’s murder – 972-775-7624. There is also a $10,000 reward for info leading to the arrest of her killer.

I’ll post updates as they happen. Let’s just hope this case doesn’t turn cold.

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