Michael Dunn Trial: What the jury doesn’t know

February 13, 2014

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The attorney for the family of Jordan Davis, the 17-year-old who was shot and killed after getting into an argument with Michael Dunn, released a video of an interview with Dunn’s former neighbor. The interview is pretty shocking, although I’m not sure if any of the neighbor’s claims have been substantiated.

You can read more about the Michael Dunn case HERE.

The newly released interview will obviously never come into evidence at Dunn’s trial, but it’s always interesting to take a look at some of the evidence the jury doesn’t get to see.

In the interview, Dunn’s former neighbor describes him as selfish and says he would try to intimidate people with his size. Some of the other shocking claims include:

  • Michael Dunn had been married twice, once to a woman named Sarah and then to a woman named Clara. At different times, both women would go to the neighbor’s home, crying, and saying that Dunn had threatened them with his gun. He also threatened to have them deported and take away their kids.
  • Clara’s son used to be “terrified” of Dunn and would hang out at the neighbor’s home when Dunn was home.
  • The neighbor claims he had seen swollen lips and a bruised face on Sarah, Dunn’s first wife. At one point, Sarah told the neighbor that Dunn had threatened to “blow her brains out” with his gun. The neighbor then went to Dunn’s home and took the gun and hid it in his own home. He kept the gun for a couple weeks, and then Sarah told him that she was afraid Dunn would find out that his gun was gone and be mad, and so she asked him to put it back.
  • Clara told the neighbor and his wife that Dunn had forced her to go to a sex club in Ft. Lauderdale and participate in activities that she didn’t want to do.
  • Dunn smoked marijuana and occasionally snorted cocaine, which the neighbor witnessed him doing.
  • Dunn approached the neighbor one day and asked him if he knew of anyone who could “take care of” someone he was in a work dispute with. He told the neighbor that he wanted the guy dead, and asked if he knew of anyone who could do that for him. The neighbor notified the Port St. Lucie Police Department and said they seemed “completely disinterested.”
  • Dunn was working on his father’s sailboat and the drill he was using damaged one of his fingers. He had surgery on it, and he allegedly concocted a scheme in which he told the doctor that he was working on his home, in order to collect homeowners’ insurance.
  • Dunn worked for his parents and had a falling out with them. They let him go, but agreed to continue paying him for 6 months or until he found another job. He found another job within weeks, but never told his parents that, so he could still collect money from them.
  • The neighbor said when he and Dunn would have disagreements about politics, Dunn would get really loud.
  • Dunn used to brag about having hookers over when his wives weren’t home.
  • Dunn allegedly said to him, “I can’t wait for someone to try something with me when I’ve got my gun.”
  • Dunn believed that “his country was being taken over by minorities.”

The neighbor said he told his wife and daughter, “Sooner or later, this guy is going to kill somebody,” and when he heard about the killing of Jordan Davis, he wasn’t surprised.

The neighbor’s wife also spoke with the attorney, and below are some of her claims about Michael Dunn:

  • Dunn said he was smarter than everybody else.
  • She didn’t see any physical abuse, but did see a bruise once on one of Dunn’s wives.
  • Dunn treated his wife Sarah “like a dog.”
  • Dunn married his second wife Clara at the UPS store.
  • She invited Clara over for coffee one day, and Clara told her that she made a mistake in marrying Dunn.
  • Both Clara and Sarah told her that Dunn made them do things that they couldn’t say in public.

It’s a very interesting interview and if even a little of what the neighbor is saying is true, Michael Dunn doesn’t seem like a very good guy at all, something that the Defense certainly tried to portray him as during the trial.

If you haven’t yet read the letters Dunn sent family members from jail, you can check them out HERE.

And even though Dunn referred to Jordan and his friends as “thugs,” they certainly weren’t. Below is a heartbreaking interview with Jordan’s mom.

UPDATE: 2/18/14 11:09 AM

Some jailhouse phone calls have just been released, of Michael Dunn speaking with his family members and girlfriend, Rhonda Rouer, leading up to the trial. You can listen to them HERE, courtesy of Action News Jax.

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