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Martin MacNeill Trial: What the Jury Doesn't Know - CourtJunkie

Martin MacNeill Trial: What the Jury Doesn’t Know

October 28, 2013


The Martin MacNeill trial is a very complex and somewhat confusing trial to almost everyone who has been following it. So far, it doesn’t look like the State has any concrete evidence pointing to Martin having killed his wife. Instead, it looks like they’re hoping that a lot of little pieces of evidence will fit together and return a guilty verdict.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been following the developments in this case for a long time now, and I believe that Martin killed his wife. I’m just not sure the State will have enough proof for a conviction, especially because a lot of damning info won’t be heard by the jury. I’ve gathered some of that info and have posted it below. If you’re new to this trial, you won’t even BELIEVE all the twists and turns of this case, and what a sociopath Martin MacNeill truly seems to be. Some of what you’ll read below are allegations, meaning that they haven’t been proven, or at least I don’t have proof of them.

  • The judge ruled in a pre-trial hearing that Michele can not be referred to as a “victim” during the trial. Since the Defense says her death was not a homicide, she’s not allowed to be called a victim, because that implies that a crime has occurred.
  • Alexis Somers (MacNeill) claims that her mother told her a couple days before she died, “If anything happens to me, make sure it wasn’t your dad” and “Alexis, I don’t know why but your dad just kept giving me pills…”
  • The Defense sought to dismiss the case and/or have the Utah County Attorney’s Office removed from the case due to an accusation that over 1,000 documents had been withheld from them. Their motion was denied.
  • In 2000, MacNeill allegedly threatened to kill his wife and himself with a butcher knife after an argument over his use of pornography.
  • A few months after Michele’s death, MacNeill took his adopted daughter Giselle to Ukraine. According to Michele’s sister, Giselle was supposed to go there to spend time with her biological mother, but MacNeill allegedly left here there. He and Gypsy then attempted to steal her identity.
  • MacNeill and Gypsy have both served time in prison after being convicted in 2009 of trying to steal Giselle’s identity for financial gain. This happened while Michele’s murder investigation was ongoing. MacNeill had applied for a military identification card for Gypsy under Giselle’s name, and on the application, he called her his wife and listed their wedding day as April 14, 2007, the day of Michele’s funeral.
  • Gypsy was officially charged with four felonies for the identity fraud, making false statements, and having a wrongful lien. She pleaded guilty to the charges in March 2011 and was sentenced to probation. Gypsy had already served a 21-month sentence in a Texas federal prison for separate federal charges stemming from the ID theft.
  • Gypsy was re-arrested for violating her probation. Court documents reveal that she violated her probation by not actually residing at her registered address and by not being honest about her silver BMW. The car reportedly was given to her by MacNeill and she never registered it in her name because she owes back taxes.
  • Gypsy is currently under a plea deal in which she won’t serve any jail time for her crimes if she testifies truthfully at all proceedings related to MacNeill.
  • MacNeill served three years in federal prison for charges of aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting. In 2009, while facing the federal fraud charges, he pleaded guilty to three felonies for lying to investigators.
  • The original autopsy on Michele in 2007 was conducted by an assistant medical examiner who has since passed away.
  • MacNeill told another woman he had been having an affair with, a woman named Anna, that he had tried to murder his mother when he was 8 years old. His mother had allegedly gotten drunk and then passed out on the couch. MacNeill said that he got a beer and went and got all the medications in the house and fed them into this beer. He then allegedly said that he helped her sit up and drink it, and watched her stop breathing. MacNeill’s sister eventually came into the house, sought medical help, and revived their mother.
  • MacNeill also told Anna that he had killed his brother. He told her that his brother had been suicidal and one day, had slit his wrists while he was in the bathtub. The brother called MacNeill over to the home to help him, and when Martin arrived, he drowned him in the bathtub.
  • Anna also claims that MacNeill told her he performed mercy killings at the medical center where he worked.
  • Anna is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.
  • Utah County prosecutors filed felony charges of forcible sexual abuse and witness tampering against MacNeill in October 2007, after an adult female relative told police he put his hand down her pants and asked her to sign a statement saying he did not touch her.
  • Michele’s sister apparently provided evidence to investigators that MacNeill falsified his own school records and had been convicted of check fraud back in the 1970s before his marriage to Michele.
  • Alexis MacNeill has said that she believed that Gypsy was also involved in her mother’s murder.
  • Alexis MacNeill says that Martin sexually assaulted her two times after Michele’s death. Charges in that case are pending.
  • In his will, MacNeill left $1 to each of his children, and left everything else for Gypsy.
  • In 2010, Damien MacNeill, the only son of Martin and Michele, committed suicide. He was said to be the only child who believed in his father’s innocence, but that he was coming to the realization that MacNeill might be guilty.

Michele’s sister Linda keeps a blog and updates it with articles about Martin, as well as with her own opinions of him, which is really quite interesting. You can check it out in the links below.

You can read my trial re-caps HERE.

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