Who killed Morgan Huxley?

September 26, 2013

Morgan Huxley

From all accounts, 31-year-old Australian Morgan Huxley was well-liked and had quite a few female friends – approximately 14, according to police. And all 14 of them just might be suspects in Morgan’s murder.

On September 8, Morgan’s flatmate came home from a girls’ night out and heard gurgling sounds coming from Morgan’s room. When she walked into his room, she found Morgan laying on the floor, naked from the waist down and bleeding profusely from multiple stab wounds. He later died at the hospital from his injuries.

Police say Morgan had been at a friend’s engagement party earlier that night. A cab dropped him off at home around 12:30 AM, and then he walked over to The Oaks Hotel, a place down the street where he would often grab a late-night drink. Staff at the bar said he came in at about 1 AM, a half hour before closing time and sat by himself.

Within 90 minutes of arriving home after the bar closed, Morgan was murdered. He was stabbed 28 times. There were no signs of forced entry, leading police to believe that Morgan knew his killer, and may have even been sexually involved with them right before he died.

Reports indicate that police believe Morgan’s killer is a female, and they have identified 14 women Morgan had been romantically involved with right around the time of his death. Investigators are reportedly closely examining each of these relationships.

Police have pulled surveillance video from The Oaks, but have not yet said if they noticed anyone else in the bar that could be a potential suspect.

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