Kendrick Johnson case: Grand jury subpoenas for Kendrick’s classmates

March 13, 2014

Kendrick Johnson

The investigation into 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson’s death is moving forward and making progress. Kendrick, a teen from Valdosta Georgia, was found dead in his high school gymnasium in January 2013, his body inside a rolled-up cheerleading mat. Local investigators ruled his death an accident, but after a second autopsy commissioned by the family revealed that Kendrick’s death was due to ”apparent non-accidental, blunt force trauma,” federal authorities announced they would launch their own investigation. You can read more about Kendrick’s death HERE.

This week, according to CNN, Kendrick’s former classmates and their parents have been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury. Outside the courthouse, U.S. Attorney Michael Moore told reporters the case is moving forward:

“We’re working methodically, and sometimes we remember we’re running a marathon instead of a sprint. So, we’re working on it. It’s better to get it right than to get it fast. I’m satisfied that the FBI is moving forward at the appropriate speed, and they’re doing a fine job.”

Lowndes County Schools told CNN that it received a subpoena to provide hard drives containing surveillance video from the school.

County Coroner Bill Watson said he hasn’t received a subpoena, but has spoken with the FBI twice, as well as with the U.S. attorney.

I’ll post any updates to the investigation below.

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