Jordan Linn Graham takes the stand in pre-trial hearing, dismissal denied

November 16, 2013


A judge has denied a motion to dismiss the murder charges against Jordan Linn Graham, the Montana newlywed accused of pushing her husband off a cliff. Jordan is facing first- and second-degree murder charges in the death of her 25-year-old husband, Cody Johnson. You can read my first post about Jordan and Cody HERE.

Last Friday, all parties were back in court and Jordan shocked everyone when she took the stand. She testified for about 15 minutes and claimed that she never meant to push Cody over the cliff and that it had all been an accident.

“We went on a little stump part and we were in the middle of an argument and he thought I was going to run away. Cody had grabbed me and I thought he was going to push me down…My first instinct was to get him off.”

Jordan also said that she felt uncomfortable during the interrogation and she accused the FBI agent of putting his hand on her knee.

Jordan’s attorneys had filed a motion to have some of the charges against her dropped, citing prosecutorial misconduct, due to the inappropriate touching of her knee, confusing interview techniques and the fact that the entire interview was never recorded. They also brought up the fact that prosecutors have referred to Jordan in the public as a “sociopath.”

The judge denied the request for dismissal, and said he would rule on the admissibility of the unrecorded statements at a later date.

It was also revealed in court that prosecutors have a new theory of the murder. According to court documents, investigators allegedly found a piece of cloth near Cody’s body that they believed may have been used as a blindfold. In other words, they believe that Jordan blindfolded him before shoving him to his death.

The trial is set to start on December 9, but I’d be surprised if there weren’t more delays. In the meantime, Jordan is still on house arrest.

UPDATE: 11/29/13 9:03 AM

According to court documents released this week, prosecutors allege that Jordan made statements about killing her mother and stepfather just weeks before her wedding. It isn’t clear who she made the statements to, but this is truly shocking if it’s true. I haven’t heard anything about Jordan having any kind of criminal history, but I wonder if she has ever had anger issues or issues with violence in the past.

Her trial is supposed to start in a couple weeks, so it will be interesting as more info comes out.

UPDATE: 12/9/13 6:16 PM

The judge has decided to not allow statements that Jordan made about killing her parents into the trial. He has also ruled that DNA evidence found by Cody’s body will also not be allowed in. The Missoulian has a great article about what is allowed and not allowed at the trial, which you can read HERE.

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