Jodi Arias wants to fire lead attorney Kirk Nurmi

October 25, 2013


Convicted murderer Jodi Arias has written a 12-page motion in an attempt to fire Kirk Nurmi, her lead attorney in her murder case. Jodi was convicted in May for murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, but has yet to be sentenced.

The motion, which you can read HERE, details reasons why Jodi feels like she can no longer trust Nurmi, including the fact that she has not spoken to him since May 2013.

Jodi claims that she was given the option to have her recorded phone conversation with Travis Alexander played in closed court, but that Nurmi insisted they play it in open court. She said she was so humiliated by this decision that she had a break down and the court proceedings for that day had to be cancelled.

She also lists the fact that Nurmi told the jury during closing arguments that he didn’t like her 9 out of 10 days. However, in a video interview she gave after her verdict was read, she said that she didn’t blame Nurmi for saying that and that often times attorneys do that to prove the point that even if you don’t like the Defendant, you can’t let that influence your verdict.

Jodi has tried to ditch Nurmi before. She says she filed a motion in June to have him removed from her case, but that Judge Sherry Stephens denied that request.

It’s hard to say whether this motion will be granted this late in the game, or not.

Jodi was in court yesterday for a settlement conference. No agreement was reached, which isn’t that surprising, because she really doesn’t have anything to bargain with. She’s already been found guilty, and there’s really no reason why Juan Martinez, everyone’s favorite Prosecutor from this case, would decide to drop his intentions to seek the death penalty against her.

Another hearing in the case will be held next Friday, but it will most likely be another closed hearing.

UPDATE: 11/7/13 8:42 PM

Jodi’s request to have Nurmi removed from her case has been denied by Judge Sherry Stephens. No reason for the denial has been given, but it looks like Jodi and Nurmi are stuck with each other.

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