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Texts revealed at bond hearing from Tammy Moorer to Heather Elvis: "You ready to meet the MRS?" - CourtJunkie

Texts revealed at bond hearing from Tammy Moorer to Heather Elvis: “You ready to meet the MRS?”

March 17, 2014
Sidney and Tammy Moorer

Prosecutors presented this photo at the bond hearing, showing Sidney and Tammy posing with a gun, sometime after Heather’s disappearance

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A judge has denied bond for Sidney and Tammy Moorer, the couple accused of kidnapping and murdering 20-year-old Heather Elvis. Heather was last seen in the early morning hours on December 18, 2013. You can read more about the case HERE.

38-year-old Sidney Moorer and 42-year-old Tammy Moorer appeared in Horry County Court today for their bond hearing, and even though their attorneys requested that a reasonable bond amount be set, prosecutors argued otherwise.

In the form of a power point presentation, prosecutors detailed text messages between Tammy and Heather, as well as a timeline from the night Heather disappeared.

The first set of text messages were sent on November 1, 2013:

From Tammy to Heather: “someone’s about to get their a– beat down.. your b— is about to take his last breath… You can tell me where you are right now or I will find out another way… that way wont have a great turn out for you… I am giving you one last chance to answer before we meet in person.. only one.”

From Tammy to Heather: “I’ve been having Sidney followed since Jan. 2012.. it’s best you call back and speak to me, save yourself. Hey …… you ready to meet the MRS?”

From Heather to Tammy: “I think you are a little obsessed with me. I’m nobody you need to worry about anymore.”

Then, on November 3, 2013:

From Tammy to Heather: “by the way dad no longer owns a phone.”

(I’m guessing “dad” was referring to Sidney?)

The timeline the prosecutors presented of the night Heather disappeared included not only phone calls between Sidney and Heather, but also surveillance video from around Peachtree Landing.

1:35 AM Phone call from pay phone by Sidney to Heather. Call is 4:53 minutes.

1:44 AM Heather calls (person unidentified) who is in Florida at the time. And says Sidney just called and is leaving Tammy. Heather appears upset because she had been trying to get her life back on track after the affair and the harassment by Tammy. Heather is still at her home when she makes this call. The call lasts 2:20 minutes.

2:29 AM Heather attempts to call the number Sidney called from which is a pay phone. Several times it does not appear anyone answered.

3:16 AM Heather attempts to call Sidney’s phone with no response.

3:17 AM Heather calls Sidney’s phone and has a 4:15 minutes conversation with Sidney. Heather is at her home at this point. Sidney is at his home which is approx. 3 miles from the boat landing. After this conversation, Heather gets into her car and drives directly to Peachtree Boat Landing. Sidney also denies this conversation until police confront him with Heather’s phone record and then he says he did talk to her but it was just to tell her to quit calling and leave them alone.

3:38 AM Heather attempts to call Sidney’s phone. She has arrived at the boat landing at the time of this call. She attempts to call at 3:39, 3:39:46 and 3:41.

Her phone data ends at that point. 3:41 AM.

3:36 AM A private residence video surveillance captures a vehicle coming from the direction of Sidney’s headed towards the boat landing. This camera is 1.7 miles from the Moorer’s residence.

3:39 AM A business video surveillance a mile from the first camera closer to the landing captures this vehicle still proceeding in the direction of the boat landing.

3:45 AM Same business video surveillance captures the vehicle coming from the boat landing headed towards the Moorer residence. The camera is approximately 1.2 miles from the landing.

3:46 AM The private residence video surveillance captures the vehicle headed from the boat landing to the Moorer residence.

Also included in the presentation, was a Facebook status that Tammy allegedly posted after Heather disappeared:

“Well Sidney cheated on me in the months of Sept/Oct with a psycho whore who has since went missing and now her crazy daddy is threatening to kill my children and Sidney, therefore making Sidney stupid. (This girl grabbed his business card out of the office at her workplace and had fantasies about him as far back as March, but talked about it in July, naming him!) I don’t know of any other word to describe my “husband” at this point. All you have to do is research this girls Twitter (although 4 months of it has gone missing in the past couple of weeks) and her Tumblr to see what a twisted person she truly is. I could care less seeing that I had a boyfriend of my own for the past couple of years, but when someone brings my children into the scenario it’s a whole other story. I will not tolerate anyone hurting my children because my husband banged a hoe 3 times in the backseat of her car and nothing more. I could care less what he screwed around with, but the fact that this jerk is stalking my family is unacceptable.”

Prosecutors told the judge that they believe Sidney and Tammy are a flight risk, presenting a detailed map of all the destinations the Moorers had traveled to in previous years.

Terry Elvis, Heather’s father, also spoke up in court. He pleaded with the judge to protect his family, including his youngest daughter, by keeping the Moorers in jail.

Both lawyers for Sidney and Tammy claimed their clients were not flight risks, and requested that they be let out on bond.

According to Tammy’s attorney, she has no prior criminal record, has a strong faith in the court system, and is ready to face the charges and build her case.

Sidney’s attorney said his client has ties to his community, his family, and also lacks a prior criminal record. He added that the case is “an extremely circumstantial case at best,” with “incredible speculation and rumor.”

After all arguments were heard, the judge sided with the Prosecution.

Judge Steven John said he would deny bond due to the seriousness of the charges, the nature of case, and the potential penalty that the defendants face. He also said he was concerned with the potential of violence, whether caused by the defendants or the victim’s side.

For now, Tammy and Sidney will remain in jail.

Meanwhile, Heather’s body still has not been found.

UPDATE: 3/19/14 8:04 AM

I came across an interesting article today about the case from Myrtle Beach Online. The article has more details about how the relationship between Heather and the Moorers evolved, stemming from the bond hearing on Monday:

Twenty-year-old Elvis and Sidney Moorer, 38, cared for each other, senior prosecutor Donna Elder said Monday, citing witness statements and records. But once Tammy Moorer, 42, learned of their trysts, the older woman invaded Elvis’ life, barraging her with threatening messages.

Tammy Moorer also put her husband on lockdown, even going so far as to handcuff him to their bed at night while she slept so he could not sneak out, password protecting his phone so only she could use it, and accompanying him on work and personal outings from their home, Elder said. Sidney Moorer agreed to the restrictions to save his marriage, authorities said.

On her husband’s cell phone, Tammy Moorer found evidence of the pair’s interactions. Elder cited a sampling of messages Tammy Moorer sent to Elvis in response, threatening her with physical harm and calling her an array of derogatory terms.

The article also touches on the original Indecent Exposure charges that Sidney and Tammy were initially hit with:

Truslow said police charged the couple because they had “martial relations” in a vehicle prior to the case and it was irrelevant. But Elder said police learned the couple went to the places and had sex, then Tammy Moorer sent photos of their sexual positions to Elvis.

The acts were a culmination of revenge toward Elvis, Elder said. “Heather was in fact fearful of Tammy during this time period.”

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