Florida Amber Alert Issued For 9-Year-Old Diana Alvares

June 2, 2016

Diana Alvares

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Big updates are currently underway in the case of missing 9-year-old Diana Alvares. You can read my first post about Diana’s disappearance HERE.

An Amber Alert was issued this morning, saying that Diana is believed to be in the company of 28-year-old Jorge Guerrero. Authorities believe they may be traveling in a tan Chevrolet Malibu, with Florida tag 78NHD.

Guerrero had been renting a room at the home where Diana lived with her family, up until May 2. Diana’s mother, Rita Hernandez, told reporters that she was “uncomfortable with the relationship between Guerrero and her daughter.”

From WINK News:

“He’d say things like ‘The girl’s gotten really cute’ or beautiful and that she’s so big,” Hernandez said. “To me, that’s not something a grown man can say about a 9-year-old girl.”

Hernandez said she confronted the man and he moved out on May 2. The 9-year-old was visibly upset when Guerrero returned to the home to move his van, according to Hernandez.

“Diana noticed that the van wasn’t here. So she comes to me and says ‘Mom, did Jorge come to take his van?’ I said yes. Then she starts to cry. She then says ‘But why didn’t Jorge wait for me?’” Hernandez said.

That last part is especially chilling because it shows how Diana had clearly grown attached to Guerrero.

Jorge Guerrero is 5’5″ tall, 145 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. According to the Amber Alert, Guerrero has ties to the Orange County and Okeechobee County areas. Diana is Hispanic, 4’4″ tall, 95 pounds, dark hair, brown eyes, and has two scars on one of her legs. She was last seen wearing an unknown color shirt, blue bottoms, and may be carrying a green blanket with a flower print.

If you have any information about Guerrero or Diana’s whereabouts, contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at (239) 477-1000 or call 911.

UPDATE: 6/6/16 1:19 PM

Jose Guerrero is now in police custody, but Diana has still not been found. Over the weekend, police apprehended Guerrero outside a liquor store in Okeechobee. From NBC 2:

“A man who was working at the store watched as Guerrero was taken into custody, but he said there was no sign of Diana.

“They just told him to get out of his vehicle, with his hands up and don’t move,” said Adrian Banda.

Banda said about a dozen law enforcement agency vehicles, including Lee County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Marshals were blocking off the ABC Liquor store and the neighboring restaurant while Guerrero was being detained.”

According to FOX 4, Guerrero’s brother is claiming that Guerrero is being wrongly accused and was in Orlando at the time of Diana’s disappearance.

Authorities have not yet said what crime they are charging Guerrero with.

I’ll keep posting updates as they come in.

UPDATE: 6/9/16 1:23 PM CST

I just added the Criminal Complaint for Jorge Geurrero to the sidebar of this post. I must warn you that it’s quite graphic, which is why I’m not going to quote anything here.

Police were able to obtain a search warrant for Guerrero’s phone and determined that he was in the area of Diana’s home during the time period she went missing. They also discovered child pornography on his phone.

Authorities are still searching for Diana.

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