Charles Erickson


Kent Heitholt


Ryan Ferguson


Charles Erickson testifying against Ryan Ferguson


Kent's car in the Columbia Daily Tribune parking lot


Ryan Ferguson leaving prison with Dateline's Keith Morrison


Ryan's post-release press conference


Crime scene photo with M Boyd in the background


Charles Erickson and his mom


It’s a story that has been told numerous times before – On Halloween night in 2001, Kent Heitholt, a 48-year-old sports editor, was brutally murdered in the Columbia Tribune parking lot as he was leaving work.

Ryan Ferguson and Charles Erickson were arrested years later and charged with murder, although none of the forensic evidence at the scene matched either of the men. The case would slowly fall apart, amid witness recantations, and accusations of corruption.

Ryan would eventually be released, but Charlie remains in prison. In this episode, I speak to Charlie and get his side of the story, along with updates in the case. Visit for more info.

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