Daniel Wozniak, Who Murdered for Wedding Money, is Sentenced to Death

September 27, 2016
Photo courtesy of DanielWozniakIsMyFriend.com

Photo courtesy of DanielWozniakIsMyFriend.com

32-year-old Daniel Wozniak, a struggling actor from California, was sentenced to death on Friday after being found guilty of murdering two people in order to pay for his wedding and honeymoon.

Samuel Herr, 26, was an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan. He also happened to lived next door to Wozniak in the Camden Martinique Apartments complex in Costa Mesa, California. Herr had saved $62,000 from the time he spent serving his country and Wozniak knew about it. Wozniak, who was involved with the local theater, asked Herr to come to the theater to move furniture. This was just a front.

Wozniak made an excuse for them to go into the attic of the theater. This is where he shot, killed, decapitated, and dismembered Herr. He disposed of Herr’s remains in a Long Beach park.

After this, Wozniak decided to contact a friend of Herr’s, 23-year-old Juri Kibiushi. He lured her to Herr’s apartment, shot her, and made the crime scene look as though Herr had sexually assaulted her in some backwards attempt to cover up his own crimes.

Wozniak was caught after a teenager made withdrawals from Herr’s bank account. The teenager told police Wozniak had put him up to it. Wozniak was arrested at his own bachelor party, two days before he was set to marry Rachel Buffett, his co-star in a play at the local community theatre.

In December, Wozniak was convicted of first-degree murder.

The jury deliberated for a little more than an hour before sentencing him to death. According to Independent.com, Judge John Conley upheld the jury’s sentencing recommendations, saying Wozniak “chose not to get married inexpensively or to defer his honeymoon…He wanted to do it in style, and he was willing to kill two people he knew to accomplish this.”

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