Daniel Jack Kelsall Guilty in Morgan Huxley murder

March 23, 2015

Daniel Jack Kelsall

Daniel Jack Kelsall was found guilty Wednesday for the brutal murder of 31-year-old Australian businessman, Morgan Huxley. You can read my prior posts about Morgan’s murder HERE.

A jury of five men and seven women deliberated for a little more than two hours before finding the now 22-year-old Kelsall guilty of stabbing Morgan to death in his apartment in the early morning hours on September 8, 2013. Kelsall was convicted of one count of murder and one count of indecent assault.

Kelsall took the stand during his trial and was the only witness his Defense called. He told the jury that he met Morgan on the street as Morgan was leaving The Oaks Hotel at about 1:30 AM on September 8, 2013. He said they had a conversation and Morgan invited him upstairs to his apartment to continue talking. According to Kelsall, he asked Morgan if he had hooked up with anyone earlier in the night and Morgan told him that his friends were all busy. Kelsall said he then asked if Morgan would want to “do things” with him and that Morgan agreed. He said he and Morgan went upstairs, turned off the lights and that he “fondled” Morgan for about 10 minutes until he felt someone hit him in the head. He looked up and saw someone else in the room, so he stood up and ran out.

According to the Prosecutors, Kelsall’s version of events is far from accurate. About 16 months before the murder, Kelsall had allegedly gone to a general practitioner to report having “intrusive thoughts about killing someone with a knife.”

From Stuff.co.nz:

“Who is this young man who had all this bad luck on this night?” McGrath asked.

“Chillingly, he just happens to be someone who had experienced intrusive, recurring, persistent thoughts about killing someone with a knife on the way home from work – a total stranger, someone random; to the extent that he told [his GP] he actually, on one occasion, took a knife home from work one night with the thought of stabbing someone. But thankfully, luckily, he did not meet anybody.

“Members of the jury, Morgan Huxley was not so lucky in the early hours of September 8, 2013.”

While Kelsall didn’t show any emotion while the verdict against him was read in court, Morgan’s family could be heard sobbing. After court was over, Morgan’s former longtime girlfriend read a statement on the family’s behalf, saying that Morgan was “an inspiring, generous and loving young man” who was “beginning to make his way in the world.” From Stuff.co.nz:

“He had hopes and dreams that he will never have a chance to realise. He will never get married and enjoy running around the park with his children.

“His life was stolen by a worthless psychopath.”

Kelsall has also been charged with two counts of possessing child abuse material. He has pleaded not guilty to that crime also, and will be in court for that case on April 7, 2015.

Kelsall will be sentenced for Morgan’s murder at a later date.

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