Texas Off-Duty Sgt Craig Hutchinson Killed After Confronting Burglars Outside His Home

July 28, 2016


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A Travis County Sheriff’s Deputy has died from his injuries after being shot while confronting burglars outside his home early Monday morning. The two burglars are still on the loose as of this posting.

From the TCSO Press Release:

At 1:22 AM TCSO dispatch received radio communication from Sergeant Craig Hutchinson, who had gone off duty moments earlier. Hutchinson notified them that he had prowlers in his yard in the 2000 block of Oak Meadow Drive and requested they send Round Rock Police Department to assist him.

At 1:36 AM, officers found Sergeant Hutchinson near a creek behind his back yard with a gunshot wound. Hutchinson, known to the TCSO family as “Hutch,” was immediately transported to Round Rock Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

A joint investigation between Round Rock Police Department and Travis County Sheriff’s Office is underway. Help is needed from the public in identifying and locating the suspects involved in the crime. Anyone with information is asked to call the Round Rock Police Department tip line at 512-671-2767.

Sergeant Hutchinson has been with the TCSO for 32 years and was set to retire in September 2016. In his press conference this morning, Sheriff Hamilton described Hutchinson as a “Gentle Bear” who stood about 6’4″ and weighed 270 lbs.

Round Rock Police Department is the lead agency handling the investigation.

Hutchinson was only 54 years old and was set to retire in September.

Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton gave a press conference hours after the incident and said that Hutchinson had reported that people were running out of his backyard of his home in southwest Round Rock. He said the shooting appears to be part of a robbery and that investigators do not think it was an ambush or targeted attack.

There is a $41,000 reward to help find the individuals responsible. The Round Rock Police Department has a tip line at (512) 671-2767 or you can call Crime stoppers at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477).

I’ll keep updating this post as this case develops.

UPDATE: 8/15/16 9:24 AM

Sergeant Hutchinson’s death has been ruled a suicide. Hutchinson reportedly was having financial difficulties prior to his death. You can watch the full press conference below:

Sergeant Hutchinson’s wife, Vikki McKinney-Hutchinson, says she strongly disagrees with the findings and thinks the killer is still out there. She released a statement to KXAN:

“I respect the amount of effort and time that has gone into analyzing the facts of the night of his death. He was shot through his left hand and just above his eyebrow to the left frontal lobe with his own gun. That is a fact. There are no suspects and no leads. That is fact. There is no evidence that there was another person at the scene. That is a fact. That does not mean he killed himself. I simply do not believe that Craig, the kind, confident, and self-assure man we all knew, killed himself. Craig was not a spontaneous person, an angry man or unpredictable man, and everyone who knew him and who has been spoken to has agreed with this. I reiterate. I do believe that my husband was killed, and those who killed him have not been caught.”

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