Casey Anthony forced to answer questions about “Zanny the nanny” in new deposition

February 26, 2014

Casey Anthony mugshot

In an exhausting two-hour deposition, attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez questioned Casey Anthony last month about many of the lies she told following her daughter’s disappearance and death in 2008. Zenaida is suing Casey for defamation, after Casey told investigators that a woman named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez kidnapped her daughter Caylee. The transcripts of that deposition have just been released, and it’s a pretty interesting read.

In the transcripts, Casey sticks with her story that “Zanny the nanny” is a real person, someone she met at Universal Studios in 2006 through her ex-boyfriend Jesse Grund. She said Zanny baby-sat for Caylee one time, and that it was just an “interesting coincidence” that the Zenaida Gonzalez who is suing her had once filled out an application at the Sawgrass Apartments, the very place where Casey had initially claimed she dropped off Caylee.

When confronted with the info that Jose Baez, Casey’s attorney during her trial, told the jury during opening arguments that the whole “Zanny the nanny” story was completely made up, Casey declined to answer. She also said that she does not have a “significant problem with not telling the truth,” even though Baez said she did during her trial.

Casey claims she couldn’t answer anything accurately while she was in jail due to being “in confinement for twenty-three hours a day for weeks at a time.”

When Zenaida’s attorney, Keith Mitnick, asked Casey about her mother talking to the media about a Zenaida Gonzalez from Kissimee, Florida, Casey snidely replies that Cindy Anthony was not authorized to speak on her behalf and says, “I’m sure she’d go and talk to them (the media) now, Mr. Mitnick.”

She also says that she was upset that her mother was “parading herself around in front of the television.”

The entire interview was somewhat combative, with Casey saying at one point, “At the advice of counsel, I decline to answer any questions about my daughter. If you ask me again I will walk out of this room.”

Mitnick made it clear throughout the deposition that he intends to go to the judge to make Casey answer the questions she refused to.

If you’d like to read the full transcript, click HERE.

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