Mystery in Hawaii: Did Boaz Johnson murder Brittany Royal, or is he a victim too?

December 17, 2013


25-year-old Brittany Royal and her boyfriend Boaz Johnson, 22, had big plans to buy their dream property in Hawaii to launch a lava tourism business. It was beautiful there, and while they looked at different properties, they lived in a campsite in Kalapana, Hawaii. Brittany had just told her family that she was pregnant, which her mother says she was excited about.

They were about to finalize their purchase of 10 acres of land in the lava fields in Kalapana, when the tragic mystery began.

On May 28, Brittany’s body was found, strangled and dumped in the ocean near the Big Island. Boaz was nowhere to be found. A search of their campsite turned up a rope that was consistent with the strangling marks on Brittany’s neck, and a backpack with a cell phone and 5 inch blade knife next to it. Police also found an Alaska state ID with the name Boaz Johnson. Boaz had recently lived in Alaska prior to his move to Hawaii. You can read the full search warrants HERE.

Police immediately named Boaz as a suspect in Brittany’s murder, and a manhunt has been underway for the last seven months to find him. Boaz seems to have just vanished.

Did Boaz murder Brittany and then somehow leave the island without his ID? Police seem to think so, even naming him one of the top three “most wanted” people in Hawaii.

Boaz’s family, along with Brittany’s, thinks there’s another possibility. They believe he may have been murdered right along with Brittany, and that his body just hasn’t been found yet.

Dateline aired a story about the mystery on the island, and after it aired, anonymous notes were sent to local media outlets, saying that both Brittany and Boaz were murdered by angry locals who didn’t want them to launch a lava tourism business on their land. Fliers with similar sentiments have popped up around the island, and Boaz’s mother even received an anonymous letter. That letter, in part, read:

“The killer took the 2 haole (non-natives) for boat ride at night to see lava tour boat but never came back. Haole shark bait. Bo was cut to peces-make blood, girl was throw in. He not going to be found.”

One of the fliers can be seen below:


If Boaz is alive, there hasn’t been any trace of him anywhere according to his family. There are 12 siblings in his family, and not one of them has heard from him since his disappearance.

Boaz is described as Caucasian, about 5’7, 150 pounds with a slim build and a fair complexion. He was last seen unshaven and with medium-length brown hair. He has a tattoo of a lion, and one of a horse.

Anyone with any information about Brittany’s death or Bo’s disappearance should contact Detective Robert Almeida at 808-961-2386 or, Detective Fetuutuunai Amuimuia at 808-961-2278 or, or Lieutenant Gregory Esteban at 808-961-2252 or

If you want to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 329-8181 in Kona and you may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

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