Wanted: Canada-wide arrest warrants issued for 2 murder suspects

January 8, 2016
Tyler Noel and Marissa Shephard

Tyler Noel and Marissa Shephard

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18-year-old Baylee Wylie’s body was found in an apartment complex in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada on Thursday, December 17. Police and fire officials had been called to the complex on Sumac Street to investigate a fire there at around 4 AM. When they arrived, they discovered Baylee’s body.

A few days later, police arrested 18-year-old Devin Morningstar and charged him with first-degree murder and arson in connection with Baylee’s death. But it looks like they believe more than just Morningstar was involved. Canada-wide arrest warrants have since been issued for 18-year-old Tyler Noel and 20-year-old Marissa Shephard, who, as of this posting, are still on the run. Both are being charged with first degree murder.

Morningstar appeared in court today and the judge ordered a 30-day psychiatric assessment. His next court appearance is scheduled for February 15.

The real reason I am writing this post, however, is because it’s been almost two weeks now since Marissa and Tyler have been on the run, which is two weeks too long. Outside the court hearing this morning, Baylee’s mom spoke to reporters about her concerns with finding Marissa and Tyler.

From CBC News:

“We need justice for Baylee, so we’ve been sharing it all over Facebook and nobody seems to be finding these two people,” she said.

“I don’t know if they’re Canada-wide, or what, or if they’re together,” she said.

“I just want to plead with the public that they help find these two people, that they help bring my son to justice.”

Police haven’t given out many details of the investigation. They’ll only say that Baylee’s murder was “extremely violent.” Perusing everyone’s social media accounts has yielded a little bit of info, however. For example, it appears as though Baylee and Marissa were good friends – such good friends that Baylee’s Facebook cover photo features him kissing her on the cheek. So what in the world went wrong?

Marissa’s Facebook shows that she has a young son. If she’s really innocent in all of this, why did she run off and leave her son? Guilty or innocent, Marissa and Tyler need to be found so that Baylee’s family can have some answers.

For more pics of Marissa and Tyler, check out their Facebook pages (links below).

UPDATE: 1/10/16 5:04 PM

One of the fugitives, Tyler Noel, has been located and is currently in police custody.

From CBC News:

Codiac RCMP have confirmed Noel, 18, was apprehended near Petitcodiac, N.B., around 1 p.m. Saturday.

Const. Julie Rogers-Marsh says police were called to a break in at a cottage in Elgin yesterday around noon. She says that led them to Petitcodiac where police arrested Noel, who they say was in a car at the time.

There were two other people in the vehicle, police say.

Noel and the two people with him were taken into custody. Marissa, however, is still on the run.

Baylee’s aunt gave a statement from the family to reporters:

“Yesterday was a good day for us. We received notice that Tyler Noel had been captured at approx 3 p.m. If you could only understand the feeling of relief as my sister heard across the phone that they had him,” Angie Wylie wrote in a text message to CBC News.

“Now we just need to concentrate our efforts on finding Marissa. Anyone who has even a tip no matter how small please call it in. All it takes is one person.”

UPDATE: 1/11/16 2:25 PM

The two men arrested with Noel are 18-year-old Zachary Holden and 20-year-old Bradley John Bonnell. Holden has been charged with accessory after the fact to murder, unlawfully being in a dwelling house, flight from police and dangerous driving.

Bonnell faces a charge of unlawfully being in a dwelling house.

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