Kelly Cochran

On October 28, 2009, there was a fatal encounter between 57-year-old Mark Stover and 42-year-old Michiel Oakes. Prosecutors say Michiel committed premeditated murder, but Michiel says it was something else. Who will the jury believe?

Kelly Cochran

On August 20, 2008, a tragedy occurred at the football practice at Pleasure Ridge Park High School in Louisville, Kentucky. A 15-year-old boy lost his life and a 37-year-old coach would soon face charges in his death.

Kelly Cochran

In January 2015, a call of an unconscious female came into the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office in Palo Alto, California. Deputies responded to a fraternity house on the Stanford campus and found an unresponsive woman who had been sexually assaulted, lying on the ground outside, behind a dumpster. The suspect was a freshman at Stanford, and the trial and sentencing that followed would make national news.

Kelly Cochran

In 1998, a newborn baby was abducted from the University Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida. The mystery would go unsolved for 18 years, until a teenager in South Carolina made a shocking discovery.

Kelly Cochran

In Episode 34, I covered the case of Kelly Cochran, who was accused of murdering her former lover, Christopher Regan. At her trial, Kelly maintained her innocence and instead placed the blame for Christopher’s death on her husband, Jason Cochran, who had mysteriously passed away before the case went to trial. In addition to Christopher’s death, Kelly was charged with Jason’s murder too.

In this Case Update, I pick up where I left off in Episode 34 – after Kelly went on trial for Christopher’s murder. I spoke with MJ Dulmage, an author who has close ties to the case, about Kelly’s recent plea deal and sentencing for the death of her husband, Jason Cochran. For more info on MJ’s book, please visit

The Coleman Family


In May 2009, a tragedy hit the small St. Louis suburb of Columbia, Illinois. A loving mother and her two young sons were found dead in their beds. But who would do such a thing, and why?

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CORRECTION: In the episode, I refer to a woman “who was having an affair with” a married male. I should have instead said that she was “the woman with whom he was having an affair.”

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Laura Ackerson


Grant and Amanda Hayes


Amanda on surveillance video, dumping acid


Grant at his trial


Amanda testifying at her trial 


In July 2011, 27-year-old Laura Ackerson went to pick up her two children from her ex-boyfriend’s house, only to never be seen or heard from again. The former boyfriend is immediately a suspect, but he quickly points the finger at his new wife. After two trials, will we finally get the answers to what happened to Laura?

Disclaimer: This episode contains some graphic testimony. Listener discretion is advised.

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Darren Sharper


Darren in court for sentencing


Erik Nunez and Brandon Licciardi


Darren Sharper retired from the NFL a sports hero, after helping lead the New Orleans Saints to a Super Bowl victory in 2011. But just three years later, some shocking allegations would surface and prove that everything wasn’t as it seemed.

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Desilets Home in Princeton, MA


Closeup of window


Kathleen Desilets


Roger Desilets in court


Interior of Window in court


On December 6, 2011, police officers in Princeton, Massachusetts responded to a 911 call from a prominent dentist’s home. When they arrived, they found the dentist’s wife lying on the ground, underneath a broken third-floor window.

Was it suicide, murder, or a tragic accident?

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Reagan Tokes


Brian Golsby


Brian Golsby seen on surveillance video


Memorial for Reagan at Scioto Grove Metro Park


In February 2017, 21-year-old Reagan Tokes disappeared after leaving the restaurant where she worked in Columbus, Ohio.

Clues found in her abandoned car would lead investigators to her killer – but his criminal past would have everyone questioning just how well the system works – or doesn’t.

For more information on the Reagan Tokes Act, check out this article – 

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