Jessica Ridgeway killer Austin Sigg: shocking video confession released

November 27, 2013


Colorado authorities have released chilling video of convicted killer Austin Sigg confessing to the kidnap and murder of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway. In October 2012, Sigg kidnapped Jessica as she was on her way to school in Westminster, Colorado.

The interrogation tape shows the then 17-year-old being interviewed by police the day after he was arrested.

From CNN:


INVESTIGATOR: What did you tell your mom?

SIGG: That I murdered Jessica Ridgeway.

SIGG: I started driving around, kind of aimlessly. Went home for probably 5 – 10 minutes, and just walked around.

SIGG: I just remember I wound up finding a place over in her neighborhood where I could park, where my car really wouldn’t be noticed by anyone. Just somewhere where all the fences were. Again, while I was driving, I was just kind of looking, and I saw her and found the place to park, and I parked and I waited, and when she walked by, I grabbed her.

SIGG: I had made her change, and then when she came back out, I had her put all of her stuff away, and then I asked her to turn away from me, and I used the zip ties and my hands to strangle her.

As difficult as his words are to listen to, I think it’s important to hear what was going through his head when he committed such a heinous act. The fact is, this sort of thing happens every day and we live among monsters like this everywhere. It’s important to get them to talk, so we know what signs to look for, and how we can better protect ourselves as a society.

Authorities are expected to release more video from their interrogations, so I’ll be posting additional clips below.

Sigg, now 18, was sentenced to life in prison for Jessica’s murder on November 19.

Thanks to The Tawnidilly, you can watch Sigg being sentenced in the video below. His sentencing hearing lasted a full two days and was filled with victim impact statements. Below is a clip of the actual sentencing:

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