Arrest in Holly Bobo case: Police say they can prove kidnap and murder

March 5, 2014

Holly Bobo

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Authorities gave a press conference this afternoon about new developments in the case of a missing 20-year-old nursing student from Tennessee. Holly Bobo was last seen in April 2011, after her brother told police he saw a man dressed in camouflage lead Holly into the woods near their home in Parsons, Tennessee.

Last week, 29-year-old Zachary Adams was arrested on an unrelated charge of aggravated assault, after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend’s sister. He was taken into custody after police executed a search warrant on his property, related to Holly’s disappearance. The judge set his bond at $1 million, and today, police confirmed that he is also being charged with Holly’s death.

Authorities said a grand jury has returned a two-count indictment against Adams for specially aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder. They said they believe they can prove that Holly was forcefully taken from her home by Adams without consent, and that she was killed during the kidnapping. This case could be eligible for the death penalty.

Adams will be arraigned at the Dacatur County Courthouse at 1 PM on March 11, 2014. You can check out his Facebook page HERE.

Holly is still missing, and police say they will continue their search efforts to find her.

UPDATE: 3/12/14 8:49 AM

Zachary Adams appeared in court yesterday and pleaded not guilty to charges of especially aggravated kidnapping and first-degree murder.

A status hearing in the case has been scheduled for April 9, 2014.

UPDATE: 3/13/14 9:11 AM

According to the head of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Zachary Adams is a meth addict.


Senators convened for a judiciary committee hearing to look at several bills aimed at curbing meth use in Tennessee, and TBI Director Mark Gwyn shared some pains of the drug from the front lines of law enforcement.

“I’ve been battling this meth issue for a long time,” Gwyn said.

Gwyn then mentioned a name that those like state Sen. John Stevens, R-Huntingdon, didn’t expect to hear: Holly Bobo.

According to Gwyn, Adams has a criminal background which includes several meth-related charges. In fact, Gwyn said that on the night he was arrested, Adams smuggled meth into the jail.

Could Adams have been high on meth when he kidnapped Holly? Could that have led to a violent outburst, ultimately killing her?

According to, meth CAN make you prone to violence:

Meth stimulates the central nervous system, which includes your brain and spinal cord. You will have changes in your behavior and how you feel when you use meth. These changes usually occur right away. You may be more talkative, active, nervous, and you may anger more easily. You also may have an increased desire for sexual activity.

Meth is s scary drug.

UPDATE: 4/2/14 9:19 AM

Zachary Adams was just hit with another charge – coercion of a witness. In a press release from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, TBI Director Mark Gwyn states:

“Through the course of this investigation in recent weeks, additional information was developed that led special agents to secure an arrest warrant today.”

“We will not tolerate any kind of coercion in criminal cases. But in a case like this, which has attracted so much interest and required so many resources, rest assured we will fight hard to protect the integrity of our work, as we seek justice for the family and friends of Holly Bobo.”

The release didn’t give any indication of who the witness is that Adams is accused of coercing.

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