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Andrea Sneiderman Trial: Hemy and Andrea's relationship

August 6, 2013
Rusty Sneiderman's father takes the stand

Rusty Sneiderman’s father takes the stand

The Andrea Sneiderman trial continued today and the State continued to lay out their case that Andrea and Hemy engaged in an affair, something that Andrea has repeatedly denied. There were seven witnesses called, and the very last witness was Don Sneiderman, Rusty Sneiderman’s father. I’ll go through each witness below:


Brady Blackburn The day started with the continued cross examination of the State’s witness Brady Blackburn, who was working at the front desk of the Hampton Inn in Denver during one of Andrea and Hemy’s business trips. Brady testified that he had been told over the phone while working the front desk that Andrea and Hemy were newlyweds and he made notes in the hotel records to send Andrea chocolates and flowers.

Lindsey Clayton Lindsey Clayton worked as a front desk manager during the time that Andrea and Hemy stayed at the Hampton Inn. She testified that there was no record of Hemy Neuman staying at the hotel, and that there was only a reservation for Andrea Sneiderman.

Anita Wysocki Anita worked as an administrative assistant for the Customer Relations Dept at Frontier Airlines. She supplies flight records for subpoenas. She testified that Hemy booked a flight for Frontier Airlines in July 2011 from Atlanta to Denver.

Matthew Lew Matthew is the GM at the Hampton Inn in Greenville, South Carolina. He testified that there were reservations from October 2011 for Hemy Neuman, and there was an adjoining room request under the reservation.

Kathleen Gough Kathleen returned to the stand to talk more about emails that went back and forth between Hemy and Andrea. Kathleen is the IT investigator for GE, where both Hemy and Andrea worked. Their email exchanges definitely have romantic undertones to them, with Hemy at one point telling Andrea that she’s “in his every thought.” In between questions, the State would pause and replay Andrea’s testimony from Hemy’s trial last year, attempting to showing the discrepancies in her prior testimony. During one email exchange that Kathleen read aloud, from the day after a business trip to Greenville, SC, Hemy emails Andrea and says that he is sorry and that he shouldn’t have come over. Andrea responds that she is angry and that she knows that she has “to repent and live with for the rest of my life… I’m not sure how to live with this.” The State then plays a clip from Andrea’s prior testimony in which Andrea claims she wrote that email because they had held hands the night before and she felt guilty about it. However, Kathleen read aloud more emails from Hemy to Andrea, in which he refers to them waking up together and how he wants to be with her forever. Andrea responds to the email, saying that they need to talk in person.

Melanie White Melanie is a realtor in Dunwoody, and helped Hemy and his wife purchase their home in 2006. She remained friends with Hemy and they spoke a couple times a year. At one point, Hemy told her that he had left his wife, and he confided that he was fond of someone he worked with, who was married with two kids. He told her that her name was Andrea. He also confided in her that he and Andrea had been intimate during their out of town trips together.

Donald Sneiderman Donald Sneiderman is Rusty’s father, and his testimony is pretty huge for the State. Donald testified that Andrea told him on her way to the hospital that Rusty had been shot, which is allegedly before it had been told to her. Watching Donald relive the day his son was murdered was pretty heart-wrenching to watch. The Defense tried challenging Donald’s recollection, suggesting that he only spoke up about the phone call after Steve Sneiderman decided to start litigation as Rusty’s estate executor.

Donald’s testimony will continue tomorrow.

Overall, I think the State did a good job of establishing that Hemy and Andrea did, indeed, have an inappropriate relationship of sorts, but did they establish that it was a full blown affair, as they allege? I’m not sure if the physical part of it has been proven, but the emails certainly sounded pretty heavy and there’s a lot of emotion involved. Donald’s testimony is pretty damaging to the Defense also. If Andrea did indeed call Donald and tell him that Rusty had been shot, the jury could certainly wonder how she could possibly know that.

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