Active search for 29-year-old Bethany Arceneaux, kidnapped by her child’s father

November 8, 2013


There’s an active search underway for a 29-year-old Lafayette woman who was kidnapped by the father of her child.

Bethany Arceneaux went to pick up her two-year-old from daycare on Wednesday, November 6, when she was confronted by her child’s father in the parking lot. She had just strapped the toddler into the car seat of her vehicle, when Scott Thomas, 29, allegedly forced her into his vehicle and drove away with her. The child was left in Bethany’s car.

Hours later, Scott’s white Buick LeSabre was found abandoned on Anderson Road in Lafayette Parish.

Both Bethany and Thomas are still missing, and Bethany’s family is desperate to find her.

Police have issued a warrant for Scott’s arrest, charging him with kidnapping. And according to police reports, this isn’t the first time Scott has allegedly harassed Bethany.

In June 2013, Bethany filed a complaint with police, saying that Scott locked her in a house and threatened to kill both her and her son. Bethany also said in the report that Scott had been riding around her mom’s house and her work, looking for her. She claimed that in the past, Scott had choked her, dragged her by her hair, and held her and her son hostage, even holding a knife up to her throat countless times.

A protective order was granted against Scott in June, and in August, he was arrested for violating the order.

What more can someone do when their lives are being threatened? It sickens me that she reported to police that he was being violent with her, was granted a restraining order, and yet he was still able to kidnap her.

Lafayette Police would like for anyone with info on the whereabouts of Scott or Bethany to contact Lafayette Police or Crime Stoppers at 232-TIPS.

UPDATE: 11/8/13 12:56 PM

According to KATC, Bethany was found alive in a vacant home by family members earlier this afternoon. She was taken to the hospital with multiple stab wounds. Her kidnapper, Scott Thomas, is currently still inside the home and is involved in a standoff with police.

Shots were reportedly fired, and family members tell KATC that they were the ones who exchanged gunfire with Scott. The SWAT team is reportedly on the scene. I’ll keep updating this developing story.

UPDATE: 11/9/13 8:08 AM

Police have confirmed that Scott has died from injuries sustained during the confrontation with Bethany’s family members. There are pictures in the links below of Bethany’s rescue. I’m not going to post them here, out of respect for Bethany and her family. The pictures show her uncle carrying her, and she is bloodied and crying.

It’s not too often that you read about stories like this with a happy ending. Bethany has a very loving family who stopped at nothing to find her and kill her captor. The loss of life is never a happy occasion, but at least Bethany won’t be terrorized by Scott anymore.

She is currently in stable condition and is talking with investigators.

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