Ryan Lawrence Pleads Guilty to Murdering His Cancer-Surviving Baby

September 18, 2016
Image courtesy of Syracuse.com

Image courtesy of Syracuse.com

When 22-month-old Maddox Lawrence overcame eye cancer, it seemed like a blessing, but in a repulsive twist of fate, beating the disease actually led to her death. According to investigators, 25-year-old New York resident Ryan Lawrence became jealous of the attention his daughter, Maddox, was receiving after beating cancer and decided to take her life.

In February 2016, Ryan took Maddox from the family home. He left a note stating he may harm himself or Maddox. An Amber Alert was issued shortly after Maddox’s mother came home from work and discovered the note.

Ryan took Maddox to a “remote and secluded area.” He beat her with a wooden baseball bat, burned her body, and tossed her remains in Onondaga Creek with a cider block attached.

He was detained, questioned by police, and admitted to the murder three days after Maddox’s disappearance. Ryan then led police to the creek where he left her body.

On Thursday, Ryan pleaded guilty to murder in the first and second degree.

Ryan’s attorneys said they could not corroborate investigators’ theory on the motive for the murder, but they did say Ryan was going through an extreme emotional disturbance.

But both prosecutors and attorneys can agree on one thing– this is the most difficult case they have encountered throughout their careers.

Sentencing is scheduled for October 7, 2016.

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