Desilets Home in Princeton, MA


Closeup of window


Kathleen Desilets


Roger Desilets in court


Interior of Window in court


On December 6, 2011, police officers in Princeton, Massachusetts responded to a 911 call from a prominent dentist’s home. When they arrived, they found the dentist’s wife lying on the ground, underneath a broken third-floor window.

Was it suicide, murder, or a tragic accident?

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Reagan Tokes


Brian Golsby


Brian Golsby seen on surveillance video


Memorial for Reagan at Scioto Grove Metro Park


In February 2017, 21-year-old Reagan Tokes disappeared after leaving the restaurant where she worked in Columbus, Ohio.

Clues found in her abandoned car would lead investigators to her killer – but his criminal past would have everyone questioning just how well the system works – or doesn’t.

For more information on the Reagan Tokes Act, check out this article – 

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