Is 18-year-old Miranda Barbour a serial killer?

February 17, 2014

Miranda Barbour

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18-year-old alleged “thrill kill” murderer Miranda Barbour is now claiming that she’s a serial killer, and police are reportedly taking her claims seriously.

Miranda and her husband, Elytte Barbour, had only been married for a few weeks, when they allegedly decided in November 2013 to murder someone for the “thrill of it.” Miranda told police she had arranged to meet 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara on Craigslist, and she and Elytte strangled and stabbed him to death. You can read my prior post about this case HERE.

On Friday night, Miranda gave a jailhouse interview to a reporter from The Daily Item, telling him that she had murdered before.

From The Daily Item:

Asked Friday night how many people she had killed, Miranda Barbour said through a jailhouse phone: “When I hit 22, I stopped counting.”

She wants to plead guilty to LaFerrara’s murder, and said she is ready to speak with police about her other victims.

“I can pinpoint on a map where you can find them,” she said.

LaFerrara, Miranda Barbour said, was Elytte’s first victim.

Miranda told the reporter that she had been molested by a family member at the age of 4. She said she joined a satanic cult when she was 13 and was living in Alaska. She was first introduced to murder at that age when she accompanied the cult leader to kill a man who owed him money.

From The Daily Item:

“It was in an alley and he (the cult leader) shot him,” she said, declining to identify the cult leader.

“Then he said to me that it was my turn to shoot him. I hate guns. I don’t use guns. I couldn’t do it, so he came behind me and he took his hands and put them on top of mine and we pulled the trigger. And then from there I just continued to kill.”

Miranda said she participated in several murders in Alaska, Texas, North Carolina and California.

She said she felt no remorse for her victims and that she only killed “bad people.” As for why she wanted to come forward now, she said it was time for her to be honest and that she didn’t want to continue living a lie.

Investigators say they have been in contact with several other states and are working with law enforcement from various cities and towns. They say they are “seriously concerned” about these latest revelations from Miranda.

I’ll keep updating as more info comes out.

UPDATE: 2/20/14 10:08 AM

Miranda’s father is speaking out against the claims that his daughter is a serial killer.

Sonny Dean spoke with The Daily Item and told them that Miranda “lives in a fantasy world” and that she’s “a liar and manipulator.” He does believe she’s a killer, but just not of as many people as she’s claiming.

“Believe very little of what Miranda says,” said Dean, of Texas. “She has a long history of extreme manipulation and dishonesty.”

It is possible she participated in a killing in Alaska, he said. He also did not dispute her claim of being a satanist.

“The reason I think that the Alaska incident is a possibility is that Miranda ran away from home at least two times that I remember, both for over a 48-hour period,” he said. “Once was around the age of 13 and once was sometime the following year, when she was 14. I don’t know what took place during either of those 48-hour periods.”

Clearly Dean is not supporting his daughter whatsoever. He also told reporters that if Miranda receives the death penalty, he will attend her execution and hold the hand of LaFerrara’s widow.

UPDATE: 3/31/14 12:19 PM

Miranda granted another jailhouse interview with The Daily Item, and this time she gets a little more specific about other murders she says she committed. She also explains why police have not yet been able to corroborate her claims.

From CNN:

“They are looking for full bodies,” Barbour told the Daily Item in the second interview. “They won’t find any. But they will find body parts” of runaways and individuals she described as bad people in Big Lake and Mexico Beach. She told the paper she dumped a body off Interstate 95 in Raleigh but gave no other details.

She said she killed men in Big Lake, Alaska; Mexico Beach, Florida; and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Melinda also said that LaFerrera’s murder wasn’t the first time she and Elytte tried to murder someone together. She said that two other men responded to her Craigslist ad for companionship but never showed up to meet her.

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